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America lives matter!!!

Stand by your heritage stop the United States agenda towards the ethnic cleansing of America by forcing the children of America to abandon their identity on paper, before forcing them to leave the nation, is a supreme form of hostility. It’s the destruction of an identity wholesale, not solely within one’s borders. But it’s so genteel that few people get up in arms about it in the same way as other forms of ethnic cleansing. Yet the pain and dislocation is doubly poignant thanks to this bureaucratic slight, as becomes apparent when one hears the words of those stripped of their identities and still facing the uncertain specter of deportation, and who knows what other indignities:

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The Black America Flag for Human Dignity

The Black America Flag for Human Dignity represents the ancestral ethnic identity for millions of people of America heritage being deprived by the United States of their human dignity to factual ethnic heritage, as the original people for America and their fundamental human right to be recognized as a viable race of people still living with their home on Earth. The Black America Flag for Human Dignity of Anisazi Heritage also represents the Negro peoples original ancestral ethnic identity for their Earth race population in America as the “ Anisazi” peoples before European Discovery... and to their unconditional ordained by Earth.. planetary placement inheritance to live in their home with Earth of America

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