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The Awaking

In 1998 Quantum Leap Spiritual Store & Life center moved from down town Atlanta to south west Atlanta and started offering seminars to the community about their direct Ancestral Heritage inheritance as America, the people they represent living today.. The hidden and overlooked knowledge about their grandmothers’ and mothers’ heritage (blood connection to Earth) that is omitted from public education in history and overlooked by the church, is the piece missing in the psyche of the people.

At the center Rev.RaDine started offering lectures “Who are the Black Americans” and the “ Hidden Heritage of the Negro.” These lectures were about the true heritage identity and home on Earth for the black Americans. The seminars offered to help people recognize who they really are , reopen to their hearts, so they can receive complete awareness of Life.

In 1999 Quantum Leap Spiritual Life Center was completely transformed into a Center to support the redevelopment of the ancestral heritage consciousness of black America as the Indigenous people of America. The center became the place where the community of people born from the heritage of America communed, learned and practiced their heritage cultural ceremonial traditions . The council of Elders mainly grandmothers was established. Quantum Leap Spiritual Life center gave rise to the first pamphlet published by Rev. RaDine Amenra“ The Hidden Ancestral Identity of the American Negro”. Also in 1999 Rev. RaDine was introduced to Empresss Verdiacee of the Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah Peoples. Empress and Rev. RaDine became friends and Empress as an elder, mentored Rev. RaDine giving her valuable insight on the omitted history of what really happened to the people of America by the establishment of the United States on Americas’ soil..