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Empresss Verdiacee of the Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah

In 2000, Rev. RaDine was seized and jailed for 7 days, after standing for her fundamental rights as an indigenous female in court in Fayetteville Georgia. The illegal detention exposed to Rev. RaDine that if the condition of her people was to improve their conscious awareness must be lifted. The second book “The black American handbook for the survival through the 21st Century” was written. Soon after its completion, Empress Verdiacee’s home was seized by the United States army looking to remove the documentation of illegal actions by the United States against the peoples of America in claiming their Earth inheritance to America; and the proto- type for an alternative driving vehicle that could be used by indigenous people( Negro) for transportation across their Earth. Rev. RaDine and others members at Quantum Leap Spiritual Life Center came to the aid of EmpressVerdiacee at Washitaw headquarters. At that time, Empress Verdiacee gave Rev. RaDine instructions and insights to move forward with the work to help save our people. Rev.RaDine was one of the last people to have spoken word with her the day before her heart attack/stroke. After her health crisis, people close to the Empress in her administration asked Rev. RaDine to sit at the helm of Washitaw Empire. Rev. RaDine declined due to the corruption within the membership and the horrible crimes being committed against the heritage females and children by the Moors/Muirs in the name of the Washitaw Nation of Peoples. The horrible misuse of the Washitaw name being exploited by the Moors/Muirs caused the untimely health demise of Empress Verdiacee of the Washitaw Nation. The Empress prepped Rev.RaDine to continue the international work for indigenous rights she was deeply engaged in as part of the Indigenous legislation committee on the United Nations draft Declaration on Indigenous Rights.

In 2001 the world trade center exploded as 911, at which time President Bush declared America the official home on Earth for the United States and claimed all rights the heritage of America’s peoples aka Negro have for their fundamental rights as inheritors to the soil of their America.