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The People’s of America - The Forgotten Voice

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 For the last 3 generations millions of black American people in the United States are taught to see themselves as descendants from slaves brought to America from Africa. Many black “American” people today can attest to the knowledge of knowing of their ancestry of belonging to American Indian grandmothers and to the fact she was also labeled black/ Negro. For generations scholars and educators employed by the United States educational institutions shun to teach the Negro population about their  ancestral story of their  heritage as free people . The  history promoted to black Americans as their ancestral history in the United States and other colonel claimed territories in the Americas starts as slaves arriving to the United States as captured people placed under captivity from Human trafficking with the United States in America as Negro's. As a result ,keeps the Negro population invisible to the Legacy of Heritage inheritance to a place of belonging to their Earth as America and the legacy developed by the ancestors of black “America” as the people of America living Free before discovery by European mankind.



The Mis-Representation of the Negro

For generations Foreigners’ to America have indoctrinated the masses of peoples through instutionalized higher education system has prommoted a fictions story about the establishment of the colonel States claiming the section of Earth called America. Today his- story written by fore portrays a romanticized image for the Americas as a sparsely populated piece of Earth for the taking by Europeaan mankind.. The fictions story portrays the idea, the race population consisting of millions people living with America mysteriously vanished and died out of America by 1705 as a result of the diseases and massacres brought upon them by a very small percentage of European men from ships upon this massive population . As a result , the males of America conveniently abandoned their home on Earth heritage inheritance, advanced culture and millions of years of accumulated wealth (natural resources) to be used (destroyed) by foreigners in their quest to create their “Dream of Manifest Destiny” as the reason for the expansion of European imperialism claims to the Earth section called America. When it fact this story is the farthest from the truth. Yes, some Amerindians elders and children died from the diseases ( biological warfare)unleashed against them by European mankind According to recorded history , the plagues did not destroy the populations.

The truth is the Amerindians peoples developed immunity from most of all biological warfare against them very quickly according to historical record.

Most people do not take the time to ponder how could complete races consisting of millions of people living on the Earth for thousands of years vanish upon the arrival of Europen mankind? Most people do not ponder how did millions of people become slaves ( Negro) in America at the same time millions of people living FREE ( Indians)in the Americas completely vanish.


However, the historical indoctrination (fantasy) by European mankind omits some very startling and impressive facts about the Americas. One of the facts being, the Americas was densely populated with a well developed hetero[ female& male= 1] social culture of Earth people living in their home on Earth as America for millions of years.