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The People’s of America - North and South American Culture before discovery

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North and South American Culture before discovery:: Earth of the Negro’s The Anasazi people w living in the Americas are considered some of the oldest people on Earth. The people of the forest remaining on the Earth as black Americans today.

Amerindian Lifestyle:

. The explorers for mankind realized they discovered, another part of the collective Earth “Peoples” inhabiting the Earth., a part of the Earth peoples race that is older than the Egyptians with a social civilization bigger than anything previously discovered by mankind, and with a population 10x bigger than all of the European nations combined.

President Lincoln coined the civilization in America

‘America is more ancient than Eygpt ,it is considered the parents of the race.” and comments from James Wilson's history of Indian America, puts the comparison bluntly:

"the western hemisphere was larger, richer, and more populous than Europe." Much of it was freer, too.” The population in Europe was a small fraction compared to the people living in this newly discovered part of Earth. The comments go on to say:

“ Before it became the New World, the Western Hemisphere was vastly more populous and sophisticated than has been thought—an altogether more salubrious place to live at the time than, say, Europe.”.

Amerindian character, The Anisazi females over generations developed a culture for Nurturing the nature of the Earth as the absolute expression for Love The allegiance from Anisazi females to nurture life created a culture to support the full experience of the emotional expression from nurturing the nature of life as joy, called LOVE. The Anisazi society developed into a tremendous horticultural civilization named the Mound Builders .

The planetary expression of nature towards the respect for life as love afforded the culture to develop into a highly advanced society. (Example: The Anisazi people lived under a collective consensus for 3000 years and introduced the concept to mankind.)

,. The cultures females created for nurturing the plants of the Earth , primary focus of productivity was keeping the forest healthy, by working with the soil and plant life forms to help the plants develop their generation ,heal and grow abundantly from the Earth, and keeping the Earths soil systems thriving.. The result for the Anisazi peoples, they could sustain large populations to support the cycle of nature and live in large sedimentary communities and cities.. The Earth of Americas prospered and so did the Earth people living FREE in the Americas. The average life span for the people from the New World was 150-250 years. The average life span of European mankind from the Old World was 36 years.

The Anisazi people practicing their ancestral culture are ageless. It is written: European mankind would dig up their bones and crush them to make potions to ingest in European mankind effort to absorb the remaining Earth essence in the bone marrow of Anisazi people as a elecixeerl to gain the fountain of youth. European mankind during the 1600’s would even capture their young and leech their blood as a way to capture the gift of life longevity with the Anisazi/Negro people for themselves..

The Anisazi Secret

The European diet at time of discovery was a bland diet .,European mankind lived primarily as hunter gathering societies,(Adam&Eve) living by gathering fruits, nuts, and making bread from grass, oats, wheat and rye, fermenting, and hunting. Over time European mankind developed a system for raising and domesticating generations of animals in captivity(pigs, cows, ox and , chickens)

The discovery of the Peoples living in the Americas introduced to European mankind the science of working with the life of plants, this advanced technology used by Anisazi females for developing plants to support Earth health allowed the Anisazi people to live a higher quality of life than the societies developed by European mankind hunter and gathering culture.

Today the ancestral science developed by the females of the Americas use of plants is called botany and the development of the plants is called horticulture and the building of the tress is called permaculture. The Anisazi people diet was main inly eating plants, they developed a tremendous variety of plants allowing them to have a wide variety of choices. Plants used as nutrition today are called vegetables. The plants of the Forest in the Americas was also used for medicine as well as making fabric and was used to create all the needs for comfort for the people. The development of products from plants and Earth was less labor intensive and produced very high yields, without destroying the regenerative ability of the plants, making their science a win win systems for the Earth and the life forms living with in it. Plants for Foods introduced to European mankind from the technology of Anisazi females are: All forms of corn, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, all forms of greens, tobacco pumpkins, rice, hemp, flax, cotton, indigo, ground nuts (peanuts) all forms of beans, watermelons, muskmelons, sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, coffee, cucumbers, all potatoes (white or sweet), bananas, , rice, berries, peanuts, pineapple, avocados, lima, kidney, egg plant, kale, collard greens, turnips, onions, peppers, strawberries, cashew nuts, all herbs, and hundreds of other foods; plants unknown in Europe before the discovery of North America.

90% of all the world commodities of the European financial economy and plants grown to use as food produced in the United States today are the plants developed, cultivated and produced by the ancestral heritage culture of the Black American people today... Mankind uses all the wealth of ancestral knowledge for the mass production of food to support the capitalism of food. . However at one time food was abundant for all indigenous people living in the Americas. The Anisazi females developed a food to meet every thirst or hunger.

Example :the watermelon for thousands of years was grown as a forest fruit to quench ones thirst. Today many people quench there thirst by drinking a soda.


Anisazi aka Negro females children was stigmatized by Europeans mankind over their love for watermelon. Negative effigyes created by Europeans in Cartoons and advertisements portraying the love Anisazi children had for watermelon . Unfortunately for generations every contribution develop by the Anisazi female race knowledge of working with the plant life forms has been robbed from her and used by mankind to created ways to destroy life instead of building life for Earth or the life of the Anisazi people in America.    

Today the Watermelon is no longer stigmatized by whites because it is now a treat for European mankind children and the stigmatisms of watermelon being the trade mark of the Negro people has been replaced by pictures of little white girls eating watermelon.


Once the development of plant crops were established for mankind in Europe ,his lifespan and population increased.