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The People’s of America - Amerindian Nation in the United States

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Amerindian Nation in the United States: the Anasazi people population did not consider themselves as tribes, because their families were all interlocked by blood and intermarriage over thousands of years. The Anisaz people populated vast regions of America and consisted of thousands of Nations. Most people have heard of the Cherokee people. And most black Americans will speak of their Cherokee connection from their grandmother. The Cherokee nation at one time was called the Yumwija Nation, meaning the principle peoples and consisted , of over 600 states , which included Apache, Chickasaw, Yamasse, Choctaws and others;


All of the United States belongs to the Anisazi heritage of people aka the Children of America aka the Negro. To learn more about the ancestral legacy belonging to the people of America (black) read The black American handbook for survival through the 21st Century by RaDine Amen-ra/Americas

Americas civilizations Americas prymids or mounds were underground houses and temples/ Memphis Tennessee has thousands of mounds indigenous people today live on top of.


Ancestral technology , the Stonehenge in north America, carbon dating of charcoal pits at the site provided dates from 2000 BC to 173 BC,. In archaeological chronology, this places the building of the site by Anisazi people of America into either the Late Archaic or the Early Woodland time periods. America's Stonehenge was built by Anasazi people over 4000 years ago, the Stonehenge in America is 200 years older than the Stonehendge built in England. The Anisazi people were well versed in astronomy and stone construction. It has been determined that the site is an accurate astronomical calendar. It was, and still can be, used to determine specific solar and lunar   events of the year. The architecture of the Anisazi people is as old as that of Egypt. The Anisazi people built great pyramids, the monuments built in America in the Mississippi are larger than anything ever built by mankind. The construction of the Pyramids in America resemble the pyramids in Eygpt however they are made of earthen clay and the continents of the America’s are filled with earthen pyramids from Canada to Peru. It is estimated that 250thousand mounds and Anisazi architecture still exist today. Most of us have seen a pyramid , but we overlook the structure as a part of the natural landscape today. It is written the great pyramid of America at Cahokia Ohio is greater in extent than at Gizeh, in Egypt. Well into the 1700’s, the Anasazi people-Natchez, Yumwija, Muskogee, Caddo – were still building mounds of this sort.. Anisazi people work with mathematics and astral geometry and work with the Earth from far distances. Aniszi people in America had mastered geomancy and build vastly larger and scrupulously defined circular, octagon, hexagon buildings. The information written is just a very brief view of all the wonderful works created by Our Anisazi/American ancestors. To find out more courses are offered At The Institute for Indigenous America Studies. www.indigenousamericastudies,institute