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Today we have generations of Indigenous people who are confused  about who they are, where they belong, and ignorant about their Ancestral blood heritage with America . Everybody of Negro origin can speak of their Indian Grandmother, but her heritage is ignored as a American Indian , she is only spoken of as a slave. We educate our children about her rape but never her glory. Children who are taught their complete heritage Gain a respect for their culture, belonging to LIFE, world contributions of their collective of people and consider themselves a viable part of the Earth . They take pride in who they are and are not a self destructive, they are easier to teach and do not have a resistance to being a part of their productive collective.

If you are a educator,, it is about time  to stop being used as a vehicle to promote the physiological destruction from the mis-education from Public education about our Origins to the youth. Give the future a chance and re-build the esteem of our people by sharing the facts about the Wonderful heritage of our Ancestors. It is up to us as the new direct peoples of America to seek the truth about what really happened to our ancestors to create he conditions we live with today  Respect ourselves enough to listen to our grandmothers , who never stopped saying their truth, WE HAVE INDIAN BLOOD" It is time we look for ourselves at the actual documentation in orginal Early American writtings to define our truth. It is time to Stop, Look and Listen. To learn more about this injustice to Black American humanity  Read, " The Hidden Ancestral Identity of the American Negro”

To learn how you can stop the Mentacide/ Genocide of the Anisazi People aka Negro/black Americans. Register yourself and family with the America Heritage Registry.