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The People’s of America - The Hidden Heritage of OUR Negro Ancestors

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The word black , Negro, Negritos, Nubian, is not the original ethnic identity nor is it the first term used by European mankind to identify Peoples who are dark skinned with reddish hue having the  textured { wavy, curly or bushy} hair representing the forest living on the Earth, ,as a part of the nature for their section on Earth. In fact these terms are codes that hides and reveals a much bigger picture,

The Earth Peoples of America

What are Earth “Peoples”

Earth “People’s” are a species created by the nature of Earth along with all the other plants and animals that co- exist in the forest as a part of the natural eco system for the section of Earth the peoples belong to.. Earth beings aka “People” who look like the Earth.. The Earth Peoples of the forest, are dark ( light brown- deep dark brown) reddish hue skin “tawny”, with textured [ wavy-curly – bushy} hair., Depending on where they are located some Earth beings have Asian textured hair. They represent and perform a function within the internal systems of the Earth. Collectively they are a integral part of the natural system for the section of Earth they belong to. Females represent the emotions- internal Earth consciousness or {internal function} and males represent the intellectual Earth consciousness or (external function), they work as one union to make up a part of the psyche or Earth consciousness within the nature of the planet Earth to protect the Earth ecosystems from destruction..

Earth “ Peoples “at one time encompassed over 95% of the “Peoples” population with the Earth. Cultures, societies and civilizations  at one time flourished everywhere on Earth including Africa, Asia and the Coastal islands of Europe . The oldest of the Earth cultures flourished in the Americas . Less than 5% of the Earth consisted of European mankind. The collective term to reference Earth beings aka “People” by European mankind is Indigenous or Indians.


United Nations International definition of “Indigenous Peoples”: Reference ILO convention # 169 & U.N EOSC DOCKET E/c.19/2004/
Indigenous People’s who are descendants of people who have lived in America before European invasion, and colonization. Original peoples who have a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, and those who consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories..