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The People’s of America - The Americas at the time of discovery

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Upon discovery of the Earth named Americas , European mankind found a tremendous Forest biosphere. Living within the forest of the Americas are another part of the master Earth race of People. . A people who has lived on Earth since the beginning of time. The Earth people discovered living in the Americas looked like the Earth, they have dark - reddish hue or “tawny”, skin with curly – bushy hair. Columbus called them Indians or Indigenous meaning- the  people created by the nature of Earth


Research thru history reveals the name the indigenous race of people living in the Americas called themselves  was  Anisazi.  Anisazi  is the  original ethnic  identity for the race of Earth People in the Americas.. European reference also tells us the first name given by European mankind to the Anisazi race of America, the dark skinned reddish hue “tawny”, textured [curly – bushy] haired people living FREE within the newly discovered portion of Earth, translated name as America ,  was Amerindians or American Indians.