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The People’s of America - The EARTH People of the Forest in the Americas- Natural and FREE

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The original American Environment

It is written that a branch jumping squirrel could journey from Canada to Florida and west to Oklahoma and never touch the ground

Little is promoted about the Natural and Free way of life that thrived for millions of years in the Americas.

The race of Amerindians as well as thousands of different kinds of species lived and flourished for millions of years in the Americas. . The eco system of the Americas was a Forest. Forests and woodlands are habitats dominated by trees The forest consisted of a thriving system of plants, all forms of trees, , vines, flowers , insects and animals which creates a,self sustaining life cycle system . At one time Forests extend over about 3/4 of the Earth dry land surface on all continents. There are many different types of forests—temperate, tropical, cloud, coniferous, boreal—and each has a different assortment of climate characteristics, species compositions, wildlife including “Peoples” communities. It is a forgotten fact that over 3/4th of the continent of North America was covered with forest It is written that a branch jumping squirrel could journey from Canada to Florida and west to Oklahoma and never touch the ground as well as beyond the plains, the Rocky Mountains system north to the Yukon and the Pacific Coast was a complete forest.

Even the apparent, treeless grasslands and deserts between forests in America were hosts to a variety of trees representing indigenous/original adaptations to adverse climatic challenges. Canada was a complete forest.


For millions of years the Anisazi aka Amerindians took care of their section of the planet Earth in the Americas . The Anisazi females created by the Earth living in the Americas , developed and nurtured the evolution of the planet Earths massive forest . Amerindian females nurtured the plant life of the forest and the forest supported her fertility to reproduce her “Peoples “life with their Earth. Amerindian males protected and defended all life in the forest by keeping the forest and its people free and kept the balance between the plants and animals in the forest under control ,insuring the plants from extinction as a result of animal overpopulation. The Anisazi females and Anisazi males worked as one unit to keep the system of nature in balanced as a function to the planet Earth ,as a result the eco system was abundant and thriving ,the soil full of life, and the Earth people of the forest thrived. with life, and enormous quantities of natural resources within the Earth section called America. (Example: From the northeast to the southeast section of United States there were over 4 billion chestnut trees. Today they are almost extinct.)

The Anisazi aka Amerindian people’s originally developed their homes under ground and their communities and cities nestled above and below the ground under the canopy of trees.


Since the discovery of America it is estimated over 150 Trillion or more trees has been killed to sustain the first European commerce in America called Logging. Since the conversion to electricity, the forest of North America has been converted into the foundation for the United States Electrical grid as billions of trees are used as electric poles. Next time driving in the evening on the expressway look up and see the canopy of lights and see the artificial forest as all the electric poles, each electric pole was once of thriving tree of life created to support the life of Americas ecosystem as a forest……

European mankind killing  a Ancient thousand year old tree of the forest