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The People’s of America - Earth Consciousness….

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In the beginning all Earth created “People” everywhere on Our Earth served this simple but important function/purpose to the planet Earth. All Earth societies were based on the continuing of the nature of Life for Earth. Life with Earth was to thrive at all cost. The power of Earth reflected in nature and its principles was valued and given the highest respect.

All Earth Peoples are born with Earth consciousness. Earth consciousness is a higher consciousness of life. Life consciousness is a consciousness for keeping life and the continuation of nature thriving for the Earth. All Earth beings have a inborn natural allegiance to life, and valued the opportunity to live again thru the Earth portals as females for the Earth…. Life in all physical forms is regarded as the ultimate eternal expression of Earth consciousness in physical form, to have the opportunity to experience physical life was to experience Heaven on Earth. Peoples of the Earth placed the highest value and respect for LIFE , its governing principles, and its Nature.

All Earth People shared and lived peacefully with other co- created Earth life forms living with them on the section of Earth they belong to. All Earth people understood they are only given one physical body per life time experience. Once the body is released they will have to wait until another time comes for their life consciousness (soul), to go through the portal of creation as birth thru a female of their kind of specie in order to return back to experiencing Earth consciousness in physical form or heaven on Earth. The process of creating life as female and male thru the female had the highest value and was protected at all cost.. Keeping life in our physical body as long as the physical body could sustain life was the goal of all nature on Earth.. Everything created by the nature of Earth understood the value of being alive as emotion in physical form. .. As long as the cycle of life is controlled and maintained by the females of a species eternity as life ever lasting will exist. . As long as the males upheld their purpose to always stand for life by defending, protecting, and developing the defense for the Earth he is connected to He cannot be overcome by systems of foreign invasion leading to Death.

There was no fear of death as long as the cycle of life creation was maintained and thrived.

It is thru the cycle of nature ;eternity as life everlasting is maintained….

Death is part of the natural cycles of life and renewal. Death is not the purpose for life.

Death meant a time of Soul / Consciousness [separation] or rest from physical form. A process of renewal for Our eternal consciousness to receive a newer physical form.


As the old timers would say “ A time to rest the old and receive the new”.