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The People’s of America - The Covenant Of Life on Earth

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All life created by Earth is Life ordained by Earth..  All Earth created races/ species of people, animals, plants, have a unconditional place for existence) somewhere on this planet.  

All of Earth belongs to the natural inhabitants created by Earth connected to Earth soil through the blood of the females created by Earth to be fruitful and multiply on the section of Earth they belong to.

The section of Earth for the collective of species (including People) living on the soil of the Earth is regarded as the home with Earth for the life of their perpetual generations.

All Earth created People are born FREE OF BONDAGE to Man/ WITH A unconditional BIRTH INHERITANCE to thrive on their section on Earth unconditionally for Eternity-as long as their eternity exist. Artificial life mutations , hybrids of man are not

As long as the Earth peoples maintained their allegiance to the principles governing the nature of life, the cycles of nature and purpose for life to the Earth, they were given the power from the nature of Earth to use as their protection to fight back all threats from invasion into their home with Earth by renegade species invading the Earth.