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The People’s of America - Anisazi/Amerindian Culture of the America’s

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When the explores for European mankind uncovered how large the mass of Earth they discovered was, the European mankind named the new section of Earth, the Western Hemisphere, the twin Earth masses were considered as continents. Why, because the newly discovered Earth mass extended above and below the equator.

The origin of the Word America

The name Americ, Amerrique or Ameriaue is the name in Nicaragua for the mountain range called Americ by the Anisazi peoples of that region the Americ range goes from the center to the extremities of the continent , radiating as it were giving one hand to the North, and one hand to the south looking at the Antilles and to the pacific, being the centre point of the immense chain of Mountains, which forms the backbone of the western hemisphere. In truth the longest range of Mountains on the globe Jules Mac Atlantic Monthly 1875

The only known surviving copy of Martin Waldseemüller's 1507 world wall map was purchased, in 2003, by the Library of Congress for $10 million. In 2005, this treasured map was inscribed in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, and is the first document in the United States to be so honored.

The Algonquin word Em-erika or AMERRIQUE in the Mayan language means, place of perpetually strong wind, or the Land of the Wind, and sometimes the suffix '-ique' and '-ika' can mean not only wind or air but also a spirit that breathes, life itself." / Jan Carew The Earth was so rich with life the Anisazi people called their Earth inheritance the breath of life.

The names given are North America for the Earth located north of the equator and South America for the Earth located south of the equator, and Central for the Earth that is in the equator (Center) zone of the Earth.


The European mankind used the name the Anisazi peoples called their home on Earth as Americ or Amerrique,