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International presentation/Interventions Human Rights - the intervention 16th session PFII 2017

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                                               Intervention to the 16th Session on the United Nations

                                                                           Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

May 1st ,2017


Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples &

Chair of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Item 10- Human Rights


Thank you Madam Chair, members of the Permanent Forum, States, brothers and sisters.


I am Representative RaDine America  Harrison, Speaking

 On behalf of The Foundation for Indigenous America of Anisazi Heritage (FIAAH). Institute for Indigenous America Studies, and the America Heritage Registry.     We are here today as human right defenders for the Earth peoples of America. It is a hidden but not forgotten fact;

America is the home with Earth, for the people created by the Earth, who look like the Earth and carry its blood for America. America is the home of an ancient race of Earth peoples who have nurtured our life as America since the beginning of time.

Many people curse America as representation of the United States, but America, her people and her soil like many other nations of indigenous populations are living  under occupation by A political Nation-State.

 We are here to clarify, The United States is not America.

The United States is established on the Earth inheritance belonging to the collective population of indigenous females that created America.

America is Not the United States, We are Not Americans or the political names applied to us.

We the females of America, with the blood of the ancient ones, stand in our Earthly right as America,  are here to say- to all of our Cousins of Earth, who like Us carry the blood of the Earth.  WE the females of America have not forgotten our purpose to life with Earth, and ask forgiveness for all the horrible crimes that           have and still are being committed in our Name of America.

 We do not support the destruction of the waters, air or sea. We do not support the draining of the life blood of our planet Earth as oil, or the extermination of the planets forest , and the extraction of its minerals.

 We as America are making clear. We love America,.

Over the recent generations, our focus has had to change from nurturing our life with America to surviving from all forms of constant attacks leading to genocide, against America’s race of peoples from the United States polices for the extermination of our population from our Soil. The United States has compounded  the human rights violations  by passing new  policy &laws (FRDOC-2015-12140 and HR.4238) to remove our ability to politically implement our human rights, UNDRIP,ILO69  and other international instruments for redress. 

The children of America are not immigrants or refugee to America.

We  understand we hold the key to the emotions needed to create the solutions to the many complex challenges that we face.

In this regard,  we sent a formal request on March 28th, 2017 to the office of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples for assistance with recommendations for the negotiations with the United States for implementation of the UNDRIP article 5 and  would like to meet with her while we are in New York . .We are also  requesting the assistance of the expert mechanisms on the rights of Indigenous peoples to provide assistance to our peoples institution F.I.A.A.H. in finding a political remedy for the indigenous people with America   to  be recognized as a racial category  living with America and within the United States.

We also request to work with the Human Rights committee to help develop for Anisazi and all indigenous peoples of America’s heritage for developing ways to receive concrete and appropriate actions that safe guard their rights with their Political governments

    Thank you for your consideration…… F.I.A.A.H.