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International presentation/Interventions Human Rights - Letter to the Office

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Letter to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


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The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage

Greenbrier PKWY, Suite 201, Atlanta, Georgia, 30331

1- 877-571-9788 or (828) 293-1363



Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Palais Des Nations

1211 Geneva 10


July 15,2004

Dear Isabell Kempf,


My name is Rev. RaDine Amen-ra representative for the Foundation of Indigenous Americans of Anisazi Heritage. FIAAH represents and advocates for the humanity of the Anisazi people commonly referred to as Negro/ Black American people. I was referred to speak to you from Mr. John Scott about ways to register the Foundation in Geneva., if it is necessary. I also would like to discuss how the Foundation can work towards the basic implementation of human rights for Anisazi Americans. Today millions of Anisazi Americans are being assimilated into a new Ethnic identity and are forced to identify themselves as African Americans, and to view their heritage of being American Indian as told by their families as being incorrect ,because the racial identity of American Indians has been changed by the United States from being Negro heritage to European heritage, when in fact they are the direct descendants of Anisazi/ American Indian women & men unions., and represent the continuation of the indigenous American people bloodlines belonging to America. Due to the enormous implications from this serious distortion of facts. A registration has started since 2000 for people of Anisazi American decent to claim there factual heritage inherited to them from their grandmothers.. FIAAH has received well over 7000 registrations and is processing more claims as the word is getting out to the 35 million Anisazi descendants left in America. Many Anisazi/Black Americans see this false ethnic identity as a method to completely sever their descendants from having any human rights to connection to the ancestral humanity or rights to their fundamental freedoms to live in their homeland. Today, the fear of false incarceration for non-violent crimes, employment marginalization, racism, discrimination, and environmental deterioration, which is causing a critical Health crisis;- resulting in the highest morbidity rates in the United States, has been compounded by their new status from being minorities into immigrant minorities living in America. Many African Nations have stated very clearly Anisazi/ Black Americans as we are referred to today ,are not there stolen or misplaced descendants. Africa is not our homeland, America is.. Recently, President Bush signed the Homeland security act, In this Bill it allows the deportation of Naturalized citizens individually or collectively to be deported from America and deposited on any land mass.

FIAAH would like to know how to register the heritage claims with the Human rights Commission, to ensure the fundamental human right towards the Anisazi people’s right to live in their homeland, as their ancestors did for over 43000 years, without forced or coheres deportation to foreign lands. Making them refugees from America. There are so many Human rights violations masked as racism thru the color of the law committed against the Anisazi/Black American people everyday. Ethnic Identity theft from non indigenous people of European decent is one of them, and is a institutionalized and systematic way of life Anisazi Americans and their children have survived through for generations. However the blatant change of Identity from minority to immigrant minority, with complete disregard for the humanity of the indigenous people right to their ethnic identity to Anisazi /American Indian heritage, and the human respect for their God-given right to our children to live in their homeland, should be regarded as serious a crime as the deportation of the Jewish peoples in Germany. There are a lot of crimes being committed against the humanity of all indigenous people around the world. The Anisazi people should not be excluded and remain invisible, allowing the 500 year holocaust they have been struggling thru cripple them into extinction. The Anisazi people are ready to stand for their right to live on this planet in our land called America.

I would like to meet with you while I am in Geneva, attending the WGIP to share the claims with you and discuss how the Human rights commission can register these heritage Claims of Life as documentation for indigenous people to claim there factual ethnic identity and human right not to be classified as a immigrant minority in America, and if time permits discus how FIAAH can be an avenue to document and advocate for safeguards to circumvent the complete extermination of the Indigenous American people from their homeland in America.

I look forward to receiving positive news from you , and prayerfully await the historical meeting with you.


Rev. RaDine Amen-ra