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International presentation/Interventions Human Rights - 2005 UN Permanent Forum on indigenous Issues Intervention

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2005 UN


The black“American”Paradigm

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United States in America


National Profile for an Isolated and Invisible People

The Indian Princess


Negro Woman

North Amerindian Heritage history in America


Thursday, May 19th


777 U.N. Church Center, 11th floor

1:15- 2:45PM

Introduction and overview about the largest population (race) of Indigenous people in the U.S remains invisible. Learn how generations of cultural destruction, ethnic identity theft, assimilation/integration, and environmental destruction has created the tremendous problems impacting the Amerindians peoples ability to sustain their viability in the U.S as a result, today the Amerindian race is on the brink of extinction.

Let there be Light., and hope for life.

Presented by : The Foundation for Indigenous Heritage of Anasazi Heritage





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Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anasazi Heritage


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