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International presentation/Interventions Human Rights - 2007 F.I.A.A.H

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The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anasazi Heritage


New York, May 18, 2007


Statement by Rev. RaDine A. Harrison Ambassador for the Anisazi Peoples


Economic and Social Council

6th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues


Special Theme: Item 5 Human Rights- Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples.


Madam Chairperson, distinguished members of the Permanent Forum, delegates, brothers and sisters, and special guest.


I come with gratitude and give thanks for the opportunity to address the Permanent Forum on behalf of the Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anasazi Heritage. FIAAH represents Indigenous Americans heritage (women) and our descendants originally called the Anasazi race... We are here to speak up from behind the masking of our existence due to the U.S. efforts to maintain our invisibility in our homeland.


It is a hidden but well documented fact from ethnographers George Catlin and James Mason, explorers Desoto and John Smith, as well as the Society of Natural History, the racial identity of the race heritage for All American Indians is Negro, and the Negro/black American peoples actually represent the race of Indigenous Americans living in the U.S.


Since the discovery of our homeland , the European immigrants conscious resolve was to make America into their homeland, by committing all forms of Genocide against the Anasazi race and robbed our humanity of all our wealth from our ancestral heritage inheritance to land, knowledge, industry, culture including genetics, ethnic identity, and our inalienable rights from God


Our Genocide started from the inquisition of Christian Patriarchy , and is the foundation for the establishment of the United States in North America on lands belonging to the Anasazi peoples living as a matriarchal civilization identified as the Mound builders-- consisting of the Cherokee nation which included over 600 tribes or states, living peacefully in North America since the beginning of time.


The U.S government and it’s collective corporations has maintained the conscious resolve towards genocide of the Anasazi heritage and continues to develop covert tactics, policies, and laws, aimed to undermine the viability of the indigenous American peoples and has institutionalized systematic genocide in the form of racism, apartheid, segregation, discrimination, integration, assimilation, slavery, marginalization, multiculturalism, and incarceration just to name a few.


In 1812 the U.S Congress legislated an agenda to remove us collectively from our homeland and to colonize the indigenous American peoples in Africa or another land. Implementation of the agenda started with changing our ethnic origins taught in institutions for higher education from American Indian to African, as U.S American history. The distortion of U.S American history forced our children to accept a false identity, and history.


Today the covert agenda for the complete extermination and removal of all our people from our homeland is being completed through the Homeland security laws of 2001. All of our collective communities are being removed from all areas including cities, in all the states with in the U.S. The method of systematic removal is through the use of eminent domain laws by cities, states and federal government and once our elders die the confiscation of our inheritance to land is justified thru taxation and NEW County zoning laws. Example the displacement and disappearance of thousands of indigenous American families put in camps after Hurricane Katrina. The US seized the land belonging to the indigenous communities representing a population of over 1 million people living in New Orleans, as we speak they have not been compensated for the home they own, nor have they been allowed to rebuild, participate in the rebuilding of or establish a source of living in New Orleans however new home development is being erected as luxury homes for new immigrants creating a living to live in communities once occupied by indigenous Americans.


The process of community displacement has systematically stripped the Anasazi people from being able to transfer there remaining collective wealth to their future generations as well as undermining the Anasazi families ability to sustain stability and security and keeping the collective heritage (women and children) in generational poverty. . These situations are just some of the major collective issues confronting the Anasazi Peoples and our ability to sustain our viability in the U.S. We need help now.


. We are here today to request from the Special Rapporteur to investigate the ethnic cleansing of Anasazi/ black American Peoples under U.S occupation.


We are asking to report our finding of the Crimes against humanity directly to you for investigation.


We also would like to know how indigenous people can implement the international laws, treaties, and fundamental rights to live in our homelands, if this is at all possible?

We are requesting UNEP to look at the effects deforestation is having on the mortality of indigenous Americans.

We are also requesting more dialogue about land /property rights of indigenous peoples with regards to the taxation from the States.

Thank you hearing our concerns Special Rapporteur.