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International presentation/Interventions Human Rights - 2009 Intervention to the Eight Session

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2009 Intervention to the Eight Session on the United Nations

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Item 4 –Human Rights


Thank you Madam Chair, members of the Permanent Forum, States, brothers and sisters.


The Foundation for Indigenous Americans of Anasazi Heritage represents Indigenous American people born from Anasazi Females, ethnically identified as Amerindian females-renamed by the English as American Negro’s since 1706.


My name is RaDine Harrison, Indigenous American ,Ambassador for FIAAH. I am here to today to discuss the issues of Racism within the PFII towards Amerindian race of people living in the western hemispheres. Amerindians classified as black/Negro race of peoples are the oldest race of people living in the Americas. Over generations of persecution by imperial corporate oligarchies for the planetary land inheritance of the western hemispheres belonging to our race as our home on Earth has taken its toll.


Today Amerindian woman and her people(Anasazi) classified as black /Negro American peoples are on the brink of extinction. There are over 400 million indigenous American people still living in the western hemisphere who are not being recognized for their fundamental human or indigenous rights to be respected as a people’s by the nation states occupying our homelands. Millions of indigenous Amerindian women and their generations are dying from the direct impact upon them from Governments that are committing systematic assimilation and genocide against them though policies , laws, education, higher education institutions, social economic degradation, ecocide, genetic altering of indigenous foods, and militarism.

The repression of Amerindian people’s basic natural right to:

  1. Receive human dignity towards our heritage.

  2. Fundamental right to: respect and support our culture without fear of social percussion.

  3. Forced assimilation of women to participate in the genocide of our race thru fear of supporting the viability of our race.

Assimilation into accepting artificial identities, concepts of individualism has crippled our people’s ability to collectively fight our genocide in our homeland.

Year after year I come to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and I am dismayed at how Amerindians are discriminated constantly in favor for European/ Asian/Negro mixtures. The discrimination as exclusion denies the Amerindian race of people their respect and human dignity as indigenous people. The stigma / racism of identifying Amerindians as a people who are classified as African”black” Americans keeps them isolated as a race Peoples to this forum. As a result, Indigenous people stigmatized as black/Negro Americans remain invisible and continue to be robbed of their human right to be respected for their indigenous inheritance, culture, and camouflages the systematic war against Amerindian females and her ability to continue her race in America. .

However, it is ignored in western history, how the tremendous impact the contribution stolen from the Amerindian female culture created over Millions of years is the by Amerindian /Negro woman has improved the civilized world quality of life and is the foundation for the wealth of all western Nation States claims today.

It is a well established fact all indigenous people in the world continue to experience colonization and have experience the forced enslavement of their people.


Slavery is a egregious crime against the humanity of all peoples, no different than the holocaust was a egregious crime against the humanity of the Jewish Germans.

However, the experience of slavery does not change who the indigenous people are and the planetary inheritance given only to the indigenous females for their particular placement on Earth. .


As a Indigenous American female , I am just a voice to remind the artificial world of the truth “ It is the Anasazi Female or Amerindian female or American Negro Woman who hold the planetary inheritance to America , It is the brown skin bushy haired female classified as black/ Negro blood that holds the key, it is our essences, and the nation we create from our wombs who holds the unconditional right to be fruitful and multiply on our home of Earth called AMERICA


.Our inheritance was given to us by life itself, ordained by the planet Earth to serve our purpose to the Earth in the Hemisphere renamed America’s. Even though what I say may fall on deaf ears. I stand as a voice for the truth. , The truth of Nature does not change, when the Amerindian Female race no longer exist the land of milk and honey will dry up with her.


. Today many Nation States claim Soverenity over the heritage inheritance lands belonging to Amerindian females stigmatized as Negro women. If the Permanent Forum is really about recognizing the rights and empowering indigenous people to overcome the devastating effect from colonialism to their populations and earth homes., then it should recognize the persecution of all indigenous people and stop supporting the camouflage created by the States of indigenous People in the Western hemisphere.


Dr. Martin Luther King made reference to his indigenous American heritage and the frustration from his subjugation from his artificial citizenship identity with the United States in his historic speech “I have a Dream.” He states:" One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself in exile in his own land.


The Permanent Forum attitude of ignoring the RIGHT of the race of Amerindian females and her people to be respected equality as indigenous Peoples, if continued by the indigenous international community will allow the U.S and other western hemisphere corporate governments to maintain the invisibility of the war being waged against the Amerindian race of people to exterminate them from the Earth and the genocide of over 400 million Indigenous Americans as well as eliminate their fundamental human rights under all international declarations, conventions, resolutions and treaties.


In this regard, we request from the Special Rapture to explain the international position towards Indigenous Peoples who have been systematically denied of their human rights by colonial States that have redefined them through forced assimilation and

what international office works with NGO’s who are establishing mechanisms to rebuild the foundation for the indigenous people in these lands.


Respectfully submitted by RaDine A. Harrison, Ambassador for FIAAH