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What does the term American Indian Represent? 

 The word American Indian is the term Europeans applied to the root races of people for the indigenous/human expression of nature the section of Earth called America. Originally applied at the time of discovery by Columbus. to the dark-skinned, curly haired  population of people living in the New world or Western Hemisphere first in Caribbean Islands, then expanded to North, Central and South America.

Reference source: The Georgia Studies Book' Our State and the Nation" 8th grade, published 1998 by The Carl Vinson Institute of Government. In other words the word Indian has the same meaning as Negro.

 What does the term Native American Represent?

What does the term Native American represent:  Reference: United States Constitution

All persons born within the jurisdiction of the United States are considered Natives.

Natives will be classed into those born before the declaration of our independence and those born since. All persons, without regard to the place of birth who were born before the declaration of independence, who were in country at the time it was made and yield a deliberate assent to it either express or implied as remaining in the country are considered as natives.


AS you see Native Americans are not indigenous or considered the people of America.


( * Translation) AMERICAN INDIANS OR NEGROES ARE NOT CONSIDERED BY THE UNITED STATES TO BE citizens with THE UNITED STATES , therfore they are not classified to be natives to the United States in Americia) Negro's   ARE NATIVES  OF AMERICA - THEY ARE INDIGENOUS = THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE.