Belize Update Dec 24th,2016

Wow, time flies, here is the Update for December, Hope everyone is safe and productive, looking forward to the start of “OUR” new season for life that starts in April 1st.Well there a lot to report this update, this  will make up for two. Sit back and I hope you enjoy .


Aquechewa everybody, the time has come for new adventures in Central America at our winter school in Belize.

Thanks to the help of our brothers and sisters kinfolk with F.I.A.A.H, the trip to Belize was smooth sailing, this trip I did not trek thru Mexico, I came straight to Belize international airport.. I did find it interesting that the flight was full and most of the people to my surprise were not tourist, but people who have moved there, going to different parts of the country. I am going to the most southern part of Belize, the last town in Belize located in the heart of Garifuna territory. The trip by express bus to Punta Gorda is 6 hours. I arrived in Belize City around 1 pm central time.

Aquechewa kinfolk, I am finally at my second home a little late but I made it. I arrived on January 13th with unexpected challenges .

Sister Brenda is an angel, she made sure I made it to the airport. The airport check in process is constantly changing and has become more expensive for less basic service. Economic warfare today is everywhere, flying is not excluded and has become a very utilitarian experience instead of a comfortable one. I bought an American Airlines ticket for this trip. I quickly realized after purchasing the ticket, your ticket price is for the ride on the plane not for a seat. Upon looking for a seat you quickly see there are only a few free seats located in the back of the plane, once these seats are full you have to buy a seat to use your ticket. The seats are not cheap, on one of my flight segments of the trip, the seats cost $168 us.