Belize Update Dec 24th,2016

Belize Update Dec 24th,2016

Wow, time flies, here is the Update for December, Hope everyone is safe and productive, looking forward to the start of “OUR” new season for life that starts in April 1st.Well there a lot to report this update, this  will make up for two. Sit back and I hope you enjoy .

 Bush Living

Living at  Luk Makoo  brings interesting discovery’s, and insights every day. Each day is filled with simple treasures, that bring so  much pleasure. As I live here and work on building  the campus, I examine the way I was living in the States, even though it appears I have at my disposal  more convenience in the States, I am realizing, I really don’t need the convenience to live a very productive, and stress free life. I am living without most modern amenities, like a stove and refrigerator. I don’t really need one ,I drink more fresh juice than I ever have, I don’t eat or crave sugar.. Its not healthy for good long healthy life living. Refrigeration breaks the cycle of  digestion, the cycle of food or energy consumption is not predicated on cold storage. Its not necessary to store food. You eat what you need. You create with Raw ingredients until you need to procure new ingredients. Your food stays in the ground until you are ready to eat it. This process keeps the expression of creation in preparing natural ingredients into food. Today we call this cooking. You don’t have to put most  natural ingredients to heat.

Example; Process beans, soak,  all day, mash, once soaked you can eat them in your salad, or make patties, and fry , what ever is not used cook use for next day breakfast with  fry jacks or soup. I am finding all kinds of bean trees. Harvesting from shrubs, it is not necessary to kill the plant. The more we don’t kill, the more choices we have in the natural pantry. To have a constant choice of raw  ingredients to create food with, you just need a little space and plant a lot of shrubs and trees, there is all kinds of raw ingredients for food at your finger tips

For years ,when I purchased fresh produce from the market. I would put the produce into the refrigerator. Today I put everything back into the soil, and allow it to continue to grow. It stays fresher longer and it makes an instant garden. You can transplant the plants you like, they will flourish in Natures refrigerator of the soil.

Natural beverage is fruit. I love grapefruit season, it starts in the middle of December. Just peel them, leave some of the protective skin on them, cut them in half and you have two fruit cups. One grapefruit will quench the thirstiest thirst and give you more stamina. Cultivating a tree- is like  natures manufacturing factory. The production from one tree gives enough produce to feed a family of 10 and  enough produce to create  all kinds of  expressions for food cultivation.

We have 5 huge breadfruit trees, I can’t wait for the fruits to ripe, they look like huge potatoes hanging on trees.  One fruit can feed at least 5 people. You can bake, fry, make a pie, a shake, or use it as porridge. We also have the Ginko tree ,once the fruit is ripe makes a wonderful drink. Were growing Noni too,if the ants will let it grow.

Now, there is a piece of convenience that helps make juicing turn into a whole new level of creative expression. I must say the blender is a good invention. However, it is not quite ready for real fresh foods. I tried to grind dried coconut trash to make coconut flour and it almost broke the  Montel Williams  Elite  Health Master blender. I am scared to make fresh almond milk with it, even though the company  advertise it can do it, I’m not sure with real fresh almonds. I find natures produce has a lot more girth and fortitude than what is sold in the States. Everything I bring down here to use can’t take the pressure.. This piece of truth, makes me wonder is everything sold in the US is FAKE. Its really embarrassing .LoL

Everyday for the last 4 weeks, I start the day with fresh coconut water mixed with clay, I use the remaining coconut meat in food preparation, the shell, I let it dry and it is used as a water filter and fire starter for the stove. Just to  name a few uses.

Working with the Earth

I came back to Luk MaKoo on the 21st of November and in just 2 weeks the leaky kitchen, the extension roof covering the kitchen is fixed and the  6ft grass has been cut. The drain needed around the house to stop the flooding   was completely dug in the first 4 days. Since then, the outside dinning room kitchen area the completion for a permanent roof of cocoon has been put on top. Since the last report, the outdoor kitchen has been dug up and leveled, with sand and river rock put down to be the floor.  We need just another 2 loads of river rock and sand and the outdoor dinning room area will be complete. Now the earthen oven and stove has to be built. It should not take a long time.

I was invited to a integrated  farming workshop given by the NGO XoCo from the States. I was invited to this event by a neighbor of mine, he is called the Natural Farmer,  Mr .Burton has promoted all natural farming for over 40 years, he calls it Agree culture.  I see that I  am at the right place, because he was getting weary of being different, and to meet another person who see’s the same thing he does is a welcoming grace. We can share with each other.

Wow, life has provided me a new teacher, to teach me more on how to do and create anything I need from nature living with life,  like how  to use the machete, (I’m still not good lol) introduce me to all the flora,  how to work with the house, and what to do with the men and so much more. So if anyone thinks that I am on vacation, I’m not, I’m in life school. Everyday, is  filled with so much to do. I had relaxed in doing my yoga. Well ,I back on it, I need it for stamina,

 I was surprised I was the only female and indigenous sister at the workshop. The workshop basically promoted the replanting of the forest , by planting trees to head of climate change. The excessive  rains here are changing the temperatures of the area, and is having havoc on the crop production. I was surprise to see the men there was not familiar   with a lot of the local flora. There is a tree called the Imana that grows tall ( 100 ft or more) fairly fast to bring back the canopy of the forest. People are starting to taking climate change seriously. It has rained here for the last 2 weeks, now that I have the drain . I am no longer worried about flooding from the many very fast and hard rains. So far it is holding and working pretty good. I like the location of  the house , the water will flow downward past the house, towards the waterway.  For the last few years, the season have gotten more extreme, the rainy season bring excessive rain and the dry season, is unusually dry. Last year the soil was so dry, it was a living tinder box here, people were praying for rain, once the rain came it never stopped, almost drowning everything. Now people are just scared. They accept the rain, try to plant in it to give the  young trees as much time to grow before it becomes excessively dry. They are afraid the dry season will be worst than before. The heat of the sun was so hot,  you felt your skin burn, it was only April.

People who are conscious know if we are going to have a beautiful future we have to plant trees. I mean a lot of trees to keep nature providing us life.. I’m ready……

Learning how to play-  Play is an art, that’s right to play… what is play?

What we see children  do all day. We see them emotionally learning, it is thru play children learn how to create. It is thru play children observe and learn the principles in life thru action.

Thru play we learn how to do, thru play we see  what we can do and see what we feel towards the process of how to do it.

Play is the process of life’s productivity, to live a balanced life, a natural life , I find myself valuing play.

I find that, I get up to start my day. I always have something to do, something new to create, something to accomplish, another step to take in the goal towards the vision of creation. I am full of ideas, ideas to create, I get up anxiously moving to put my myriad if ideas into action, into process for creation.

I  start to realize that life was showing me how to create another expression of reality with my emotions. I feel like a designer in a playhouse, as I realize what is happening with me, I also realize I am a adult child at PLAY.

To play is  to see the vision of life with you, full of ideas , full of creativity. As I sit back in my hammock in the bush, I never get bored, or lonely. I have very little need for constant entertainment, as I see so many possibilities. I say wow,

The biggest secret about play is learning to live with life instead of on life- means you live life full of play YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

The “ANTS”

One afternoon, I got a visit from some newly displaced neighbors. The BLACK ANTS They came to visit as a black sea moving very quickly and franticly into my house, up the walls, over the door, filling the whole floor with ants and their collective relation.

A friend stopped by and walked into them. He quickly found out he was walking around them. They didn’t attack him, just stung him to get his attention to “pay attention”.

I was washing at the water sanctuary so I did not see them arrive. I was shocked at the siting of this massive body of ANTS. I quickly noticed they weren’t on the counters or my desk, they weren’t into anything just in open spaces on the floor.

I was saying to myself, What if they stay? Oh my!!!!! I quickly asked mother/father  life to send them away. I hope they find a new home but not here. Then, I remembered why they were visiting. My helper Edward was clearing bush from the twin guava trees. A large and pretty well develop ant community was thriving there. He took his machete  and dislodge the ant castle  ( more like a city)from the tree. The castle came tumbling down to the ground, and was no longer on the tree. Edward continued to clear the bush from the tree.

I did not give it another thought about what just happened  or what would the Ants do now that their  thriving city of where they lived is destroyed. Well low and behold, I now know what they will do. A good 1000 or more Ants came to visit. I knew not to start a fight with them by harming them. They moved like a collective energy. So, I  resign that my  uninvited guest  will visit for a while. To my invited guess, I invited  them to hang out at  the water sanctuary, where the energy is very relaxing and refreshing place to talk. We sat and talked for a while, then a spark hit us and we knew it was ok to come back to the house. Low and behold the house was just about clear. The horde of Ants has moved on in their journey to find a new safe place to build them a home.

I know now the next time I see another life form residence city, to LEAVE IT ALONE. In a way it reminded me of the Bible story of the wandering people of Israel or the Syrian refugees moving thru the wilderness of life looking for a safe place to call home. I went to bed that night without any trace of Ants. They came and left without a trace. I sent a prayer to them, as well as all those who are in their current position, may they  quickly find a safe and a peaceful place to call home…..

Discovering new Perceptions

I have found living closer to the Earth means living closer to the ground. I find I feel better, sleep better, stay relaxed

Conventional ways may not be all they are cracked up to be as superior. I find being lower, I think more creatively. I open up, my vision is  so clear. I brought an airbed down, but I already had a 4” form bed that I put 3 blankets to make extra cushioning on top and I really love it. I look forward to the rest. I started this way of sleeping, when I first moved into the house , I sleep on the floor for 2 ½ months. When I came back to the States, I was looking forward to my conventional bed thinking I would have a better sleep experience, but to my surprise  my sleep was not as sound as the sleep I was having on the floor, I did not feel completely rested. The difference was subtle , but enough to really  take notice. I did not miss my conventional bed. I have seen many older people get rid of their flat conventional bed for hammock beds. I love being in a hammock, but I have not mastered  sleeping in one. Today, you can get a hammock with bars across the top and bottom  to keep them straight. I know people who shipped there conventional bed from the States to Belize, just to  find they don’t like to sleep in it. They sleep in there hammock instead. We are conditioned to believe the way we support our lives is better than the simpler ways, but I am finding that’s not TRUE.

Personally still not convinced subconsciously holding on to the conditioned attitude. I now have an airbed, I liked it for the first night, but realized I was not as rejuvenated as I was with my foam on the floor bed I was already having, and my body felt beat up.

 Could it be we have been conditioned to sleep backwards? I have noticed when we are sitting closer to the ground we relax more naturally. When  I am closer to the ground, my incoming creative process thought come into action quicker. I get up and do them, my creative energy is stronger. I also facilitate  more life process better. Example; exercise , meditate, sun gaze, write, while still having to accomplish my day activities, by the end of the day, I relax quicker. I find I really don’t work good at night I am ready to sleep. So I decided I am going to have a hammock bed made  closer to the ground about 1 ft. high.

I also like eating closer to the ground, it is more relaxing, I find  my emotional

Creativity and intellect integrates better. The higher up I go the more I lose the creative and become more intellectual, it seems one cuts the flow of the other, as I sit and write these words sitting in a low lounging chair basting n the early morning sun, looking at the phenomenal beauty around me. I am reminded again  the joy of life is living with it not on it………uhmm……….


Building Communities         

I often wonder, why we collectively as a people lost everything we built  with our Earth for thousand of years, how did we lost our way.

Generation after generation we have less to build with Life and the more we depend on artificial systems that  destroy our ability in exchange for the artificial perceptions of  material grandeur ,material comfort,. Now that I am finally experiencing living in the perception of living with Earth. I see everyday how our ancestors did it. I also see that in order for our people to return to a more peacefull life they will have to change and give life a chance,  they will have to be willing to allow their emotions to grow, the process  of emotional development is  implemented thru action. All the challenges that faceour people is from life signaling our people to use their emotion to take productive action, and in that regard we are very crippled. We don’t know how.

I see everyday what it will take to really build new communities, we will need a combination of money, focus and collective will power.. I also see that once we get it started and people are able to feel their  emotional power and what positive movement  we can create, we will start to move again. Everybody is looking for the collective movement, but they forget they are the collective movement,  The movement is Us. It starts with a few, Our people lost our support systems over tine because we stopped supporting what it takes to keep them. Every generation has people who works to keep or develop a part of the structure needed for our collective life support, and for generations we collectively negated  the support need to sustain the efforts. Now we collectively have nothing and must start from scratch. Many are seeing the writing on the wall. The game  of  artificial reality is over. Many are pretending to be awaiting the call to action, but are sitting on the sidelines  watching the fire that is burning down the  house .   instead of  preparing to get out of the trapped doors before it is too late. People who take the action to learn how to work with life will have a chance to save their life experience. Many people are waiting for someone to save them, without them learning how to prepare to save themselves and others. This attitude will be the death of most of our people. Life does not owe us anything because we are its human children, it is time for all of us to GROW UP, life does not have to earn our respect. Life is not our personal slave to be used for our  selfish ideals and indulgences.  Everything in life has an exchange . When we lost respect for doing our purpose for our collective life ,we lost our power from Earth. In order for us to build new communities, we have to return to Respecting our collective life creators  for our  creation. life purpose and develop our abilities Without this simple truth, our people who can’t change their attitude  will always be to crippled to leave the burning building , they will perish. Every year I anxiously wait  for the people  who have changed their attitude and made it to the perceptional shore of  new life  being  emotionally FREE and build community. I hope this is the year  In the meantime, I keep developing, I will be ready to  create a new day and a different future.   I hope you will be there…….


????Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the Adventures with RaDine