Belize Update; January 30,2015/16

Aquechewa kinfolk, I am finally at my second home a little late but I made it. I arrived on January 13th with unexpected challenges .

Sister Brenda is an angel, she made sure I made it to the airport. The airport check in process is constantly changing and has become more expensive for less basic service. Economic warfare today is everywhere, flying is not excluded and has become a very utilitarian experience instead of a comfortable one. I bought an American Airlines ticket for this trip. I quickly realized after purchasing the ticket, your ticket price is for the ride on the plane not for a seat. Upon looking for a seat you quickly see there are only a few free seats located in the back of the plane, once these seats are full you have to buy a seat to use your ticket. The seats are not cheap, on one of my flight segments of the trip, the seats cost $168 us.

Luggage is not cheap ether, I was forced to check my carry on luggage. The guitar is now counted as a carry on bag, so I had to check my carry on luggage with my first checked bag to a cost of $65.00us for 2 pieces of luggage. I remember just 2 years ago all international flights you paid for your 2nd check bag your 1st bag was free. Before that all international baggage was free. Today no baggage is free. I have to reconsider economy and use only business class My luggage is now checked and all I have is a back pack and a guitar. The back pack is heavy I did not intend to carry it. The back pack sits on top of my carry on luggage. Now I have carry my back pack to the gates ,and they were located at the end of the airports, so I got a real workout. I missed the connection flight in Chicago for Cancun and was rebooked on a flight to Dallas and a flight from Dallas to Cancun. Unfortunately my luggage did not keep up and was stranded in Dallas Texas. I arrived in Cancun with out any luggage. The baggage claim agent was very nice and gave me a choice of my luggage being sent to Cancun or Belize my final destination. There were no more flight from the states. until the next day. I would have to stay in Cancun and get a temporary visa to stay until my bags arrived. I opted to continue to Belize and pick up my luggage the next day at Belize airport. I purchased my ticket for the bus to Belize and arrived in Belize city the next morning and went to the airport. . I found out at the airport my luggage would not be coming today it ‘s still in Dallas and one piece of luggage has been sent to Mexico city . I will keep looking for it. I am glad I didn’t stay in Cancun Now, I am continuing my journey to Punta Gorda without my luggage carrying this heavy backpack. Oh my I had to keep my expensive down, so far this ordeal has cost me $220.00 us and 40 in calls so far, finally I received one bag on Saturday January 15th, while one of them is still in Mexico city. I am so glad I did not stay in Cancun. When I arrived at my apartment, I found out I do not have internet service, this has made it hard for me to keep in touch. Challenges. I will work them out. I am glad to be here and know part of the ordeal is over.

.I learned a lot!!!!! Never put anything important in your checked bags. I am really tired weak and dirty from carrying the back pack and will slow down to rest. So maybe this is what this challenge is all about..

I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get things done. It is time to low down. I am glad I’m here, its nice and warm and the people greet my return with love. I am going to rest for a weak.

P,S the house is fine . it seems to be a big hit and is becoming a tourist spot by itself, fill you in next edition.

Racism in Belize

Now that I am back in Belize new challenges and insights were waiting for me. Children have grown bigger and people have come and gone. PG is constantly changing. The locals are struggling, while the foreigners are flourishing among themselves. PG a place of two worlds, is like many places today, were the ways of the Earth are being undermined and replaced with adoption of global slavery; ie dept., taxes, jobs. More foreigners are starting to live here , using the community resources at large, without giving back any real economic support.. The invasion is on. The same methods used for gentrification against indigenous people in the US is in full effect here.

The N word in Belize. I had a very interesting conversation with a retired Belizean school teacher. In our conservation, I shared the boo the Hidden ancestral identity of the American Negro. She responded to me , explaining the word Negro is a word that has been removed from the people. Negro people are to call themselves Belizeans. The children were taught in schools to never say the word Negro. Their ancestors were Negros but they re not. So I asked a few Negro people of Belize, I found regardless of the new name they still see themselves as descendants of slaves in Belize.

I ask myself, what is wrong with the name Negro, if people are still considered what the word Negro symbolizes. I realized the word Negro gives them indigenous connection to America. the identity of Belizean gives them a nationally as propriety. and removes them from their fundamental rights, ,in reality keeping them in the position of slaves, people without a right to life on Earth. Keeping this mindset keeps Belize available to be occupied by Asians and whites.

WOW, The more we learn the more we evolve our consciousness to see how we are being trick

No Fish Today


Since I arrive Wednesday night, without my luggage, I have felt like a fish out of water. I was very exhausted so I’ve started to go to bed early as a result woke up very early in the morning around daybreak. Saturday morning my bedroom was warm almost hot, which surprised me, because normally the mornings are cool with a nice soft breeze. I got up and looked at the sea waters below my balcony and remembered the boats will be coming in with the catch of the day. FRESH FISH to sell in the market. I forgot to noticed the boats with the fresh catch did not pass me by. Early in the morning is the best time to go to market to purchase fish, so I scramble myself together and proceeded to walk to the market, as I was walking along, people passing by me was commenting about the lack of fish at the market. When I arrived at the market there was NO FISH. People were streaming into the market to find there was only a handful of baby snapper fish and one large grouper fish. That was it.!!!! You mean no snapper, grouper, or jack fish. “ NOTHING”

This is not normal, as I wondered thru the community street market, you could the effects of hard times on the people, there were less vendors on the street. Even the Mennonites who sell watermelon was not there.

The little town of Punta Gorda, the simple village I fell in love with was slowly destroying, their economic base is disappearing like the fish. I also saw the resilience of the people to thrive.

The people here can live with out a lot of money, most are not in dept. many people here live from the Earth inheritances passed down to them from the generations before them,. the need to make money to live is not a necessity, , they trade for money with the services they provide to the community at large . Foreigners can give a little infusion but they do not give much. I asked the fisherman the next time I went to market why was there no fish. They informed me the ocean waters are warmer than usual and when the waters are to warm, the fish go out further in the sea into deeper cooler waters, making it harder to catch fish.

I also found out Punta Gorda is one of the few places in Belize that still has fresh fish. They also admitted they were scared that soon they will not be able to fish.

For thousands of years People of the Earth collected fish from the oceans and seas of Earth without damaging Earth. Now, our future generations may not know how to fish as a result of the foreign influences upon us. What are we to do, I asked? Return to our old ways and make our own fishing holes.

There may not be fish for everyone, but there will be fish.










Belize Update Febuary 14th

Aquechewa Kinfolk, I am checking in to everyone with the update on the experiences of my journey living and learning in Belize. Since last update- American airlines has not found my luggage, they sent it to Mexico city and it has disappeared since then, It is over a month now and I have put in a claim for lost luggage, let’s see how this experience goes. The last update I stated I would share more about the Luk Makoo indigenous house building project at our future CA campus

Luk Makoo House

I was pleasantly surprise and delighted to see the clay walls had turned to stone, and the plaster clay painted on the walls looked quite beautiful. There was almost no shrinkage of the clay, there was one wall that had a crack in it, however this wall was patched but the patch was not enough. The structure is ready for finishing touches and the interior built.

Un fortunately the cohune leaf used over the frame of the roof had completely deteriorated, there are big holes of missing thatch in the roof and water damage to the beams At first I though I could just get the roof patched, but when I was there thru a rain, I realized all the leaf being used over the roof must be replaced. In the last 3 years I have learned a lot about thatching and the different woods. Some woods are great for interior use, and some woods are good for outside use, because they do not deteriorate from water. I was informed by different indigenous builders, cohune leaf is only good for 3-5 years, at the time of building ,that sounded god for temporarily use, I would replace it with Bay leaf on the roof. Bay Leaf is a lot more expensive but last up to 15-20 years The time has come and the structure needs a bay leaf roof. However, I am more knowledgeable about the details of the process. Bay leaf must be cut at a certain time of the moon, so timing is everything. Right now it is dry season and cooler, so the time is right to replace the roof. After taking estimates on the job, I decided to stick with the Cheche brother who built it. After talking to our brothers from the States, I am finding what I am experiencing is what they experience too, and they are giving all kinds of insight they learned from their experience to look out for. Now that I am more familiar with the process, I am going to have the beams varnish first so they will have a beautiful color and have water protection, I will have all exposed wood varnished. The clay walls will look exquisite against the varnished exposed beams, making the house look richer. I was not aware of how simple it is to do these improvements and what a big difference in appearance they make, now that the roof is being redone, I can incorporate these changes at little or no extra cost

To my surprise , the Luk Makoo house is a big hit!!!!!!!. People traveling down the international Hwy are stopping an checking out the house. I got back here to find that many people are inquiring about the building and wanted to know who is building it. To their surprise, it is a Negro female, not a white male, many who have prejudice against me, have had to come to me in amazement over the project. The Luk Makoo house is quickly becoming a tourist attraction. It is the only house of its kind in the southern district of Belize, there are other clay houses built in the northern district of Belize. The Punta Gorda town council members showed interest and is watching the progress of the project. Maybe it will also become an educational interest. . I need to raise at least 3000.00 dollars to finish the project. Donations for the house are greatly appreciated.

To view the house go to YOUtube’ institute for indigenous American studies. I will send new pictures soon.


The Fire

Well, when I arrived at the Luk Makoo House, the grass was about 6 ft high and completely engulfed the grounds. I have to clear the grounds if I am going to move the building completion efforts forward. I hired a friend Ito cleat the grounds and find the trees we planted before. They were hidden under the brush and are dying if we don’t rescue them. I hired 2 people, when I went back some of the baby trees were still alive however many weren’t. The cutting left huge piles of grass, here in Belize grass is removed by fire. It is called slash and burn. There was so much cut grass that you could not see where you was going until the grass was removed, so we decided to burn it. We moved the piles of grass away from the thatch roof and stated to burn, I quickly found that the fire would spread if we did not keep a close eye on it. The brother who was controlling the fire seemed to have it under control, and I was adding more grass debris as the grass burned down. While we were in the process of burning one of my neighbors came to introduce himself and visit. His name is Fred ,he has lived in this village of Mafredi for over 60 years, he is 72 now. Like all the people of Mafredi he lives off the Earth as a farmer. Horticultural farmer not an agricultural farmer. He is a farmer who grows plants instead of animals. Behind the house there is a section of wild ginger and it is abundant and ready to harvest. He wanted to know if he could harvest it. I said ok as long as you don’t kill the pods so it can grow back next year. He was speaking to us and before we knew it the fire was spreading everywhere the winds kicked up and the fire was hot and on its way. I was moving brush as fast as I could to keep it from catching fire and moving towards the thatch. I never moved this fast in my life using every muscle I had, stomping the flames out. We got one side to stop then we looked up and it was going to the electric pole. The brand new line installed for the electric, I jump into the hot smoldering bush to make the fire change direction. The flames were so hot. I wasn’t sure it felt like I was burning my face a little, the old man rode on his bicycle and came back with two more people with machetes, and they went a chopping down fresh grass. The sugar can growing as an ornamental plant in front of the house went up in flames, but it was not burning towards the house, we quickly made a jump line and when the flames came to our direction we stomp them out. I found o bucket of water and poured it on the flames near the house. The flames finally burn themselves out once they reach the green grass and more sugar cane. The whole side of the house grounds was now scorch . After we new the fire was out, we check ourselves for damages, I and my friend were glad our hair did not catch on fire as though the flames were high and we were under the embers, every muscle in me was alive, I said boy that was some workout. My hair and clothes smelt like smoke, we relaxed and peeled a grapefruit, and took a break. After the break we went to the creek and filled it with buckets of water to pour over the edges to make sure the flames would not flare up again. After that we called it a day!!!! All this happened in 3 hours. We got there at 8am and we were finished by 10.30., totally exhausted and ready to take a relaxing sleep……aka PASS OUT

Punta Gorda Day-

I finally got enough stress free rest to start feeling a little frisky ,people have been inviting me to different events- but I just wasn’t feeling ready to step up and out. In PG every weekend is a community celebration of sorts. The town center has drumming or other presentations while the street market is open, you almost run into everybody, regardless if you know them are not, we all greet each other with openness and warmth. I find this feature a special trait about village life. We learn each other thru seeing each other on a regular basis, When other Americans come we all run into each other on the weekend at the street market. This Saturday is PG day after the market the festivities will continue into the evening with dancing and live music. A all day event is perfect.

Punta Gorda day is a day for remembrance of the commencement of Punta Gorda becoming recognized as a British municipality and its contributors for its creation. Punta Gorda is a Garinagu settlement , established before Belize was founded; as a result of the mass exodus of the Garinagu women and children from their section of Earth today renamed ST Vincent over 120 years ago, . The exodus came as a result from the British armada’s invasion upon their island for capturing the people to sell into slavery. Over 5000 women and children went to the sea for refuge of their Life bloodline and future existence as a people. Punta Gorda , today is a town with many ethnic groups living there.

PG day is the day to remember its roots of existence. At the celebration indigenous drumming and lots od dancing, ,the Garinagu people dress in there colors and and showcase some of there traditional culture. This celebration is not completely cultural like the festivities of settlement day, in which the reenactment of the landing on shore is done. The people dance for 48 hours straight. Dancing is more than just people engaging in movement of the body. Dancing is the engaging of energy, the charging of emotion. Drumming is like the heart pumping it up. All indigenous people have a beat and a dance, except foreigners who are always trying to capture indigenous rhythms and dance to corrupt it into a form of their own.. the music was refreshing ,just what i needed, I was to shy to dance. IT was clear to me ,to stay emotionally strong never forget the beat and never stop dancing……




Celebrating my Earth Day

I am giving thanks to all the kinfolk who took the time to send my love on my Earth Day. This year was one of the most surprising years of having life on Earth. I have lived with life on Earth for 59 cycles. I have made it to a crossroad junction. I never though what would it be like when I reach this day. Every new cycle, I look with introspection at the cycle before, what I learned, how I grew, what has changed, did I reach any goals, but for years I always unconsciously knew I was to keep the course ,the focus of learning and building FIAAH for the future. Always full speed ahead, I always want to accomplish more than I did that year, but was always grateful of what was accomplished, Each year I was shown the details need to created and implemented in order to make substantive changes . I also realize that we as a people are today an empty shell. Over the generations of following erroneous in/formation, we lack the tools to develop the changes we need to make. Until we develop our tools to plug up our holes in our ships, they are going to sink. So, I learned one of my task is o of acquiring skills, and development. Since 2000, life for me is like riding a magic carpet ride. I am learning skills and developing tools on so many fronts, allowing e to rebuild the pieces, that finally the pieces are complete and ready to connect. Often times I feel I should have accomplished more, I also realize that I had to grow/develop from using the consciousness insight. In this inorganic perception we live in, life is teaching me the organic process of development, it seems to take longer, but it is much stronger and has an organic growth process. That continues to grow on its own.

It will soon be time to let go, the ship is ready to float. This year I will finish two more books. and complete the Luk Makoo house and more. I do feel my energy is changing people will have to step up,. I’LL see where the journey takes me on the deep waters of Life…… I look forward to see!!!!!!!!!








Red and White Ball Belizean style

I have stayed with the same family group the Ramclams from forest home for the last 5 years, I know the children and have become acquainted with this very large family, everybody is directly or indirectly related to each other in Punta Gorda. The Ramclams are descendants of the females from India deposited here in Belize to be sold/used as wives/slaves by America/ Negro men. The women used as wives had children with these men and raised their children in the ways of India. There descendants are called the Cooley people. I have mentioned them before . they are a very close knit people and the elders keep the values of their culture alive thru the integration of colonial traditions like valentine’s day. Valentines day like all seasonal holidays, I always ignored, because of the emotional pain I would receive from being reminded of the fact I live in a social world where there is no value, care, compassion or concern for me. Over the years, I have realized that I don’t need to be valued by the artificial social perceptions of Man, I am valued by Life itself. Since then life on Earth has shown me ,I am valued, and life has shown me care compassion and concern for my every emotional need, I just need to ask. So now I don’t ignore valentines day. I even picked out my wedding ring to my surprise on valentine’s day.

This year I bought tickets to go to the Red and White Ball a fundraising event for their church Punta Gorda Methodist Church. They too have the same cultural tradition like us, most of our families are connected to a church. I haven’t attended a ball since the early eighties, I wondered what kind of ball do Belizeans have?

I asked a friend of mine to come, they were elated about the whole idea. The evening weather was warm but drizzling off and on rain . We walked to the event. When we arrived at the ball room, the room was decorated in Red and White cloth covered chairs, tables, and table ornaments with red and white balloons cascading above , I was very surprised , We were greeted by Young adults as the greeting staff and they were also the waiters. There was live entertainment of skits, singing and music we were served sparking apple cider as champagne, right up my alley, and a turkey dinner, I was quite surprised , it was like a traditional thanksgiving dinner in February. I must say, I was worth the 50.00 donation. As part of the entertainment the elders did skits about Union.

This skit got me tickled pink.

A woman standing primping herself, a male comes up and ask her,

If I give you this soda, would you marry me?

She replies: No,No, I won’t marry you for your soda.

The male asked her again, Would you marry me if I give you this ball?

The female replies, No No, I won’t marry you for your ball

The male askes, would you marry me .I bought you a pretty dress, now you can fix yourself up?

The females replies, NO No, I will not marry you and take your dress.

The males says, you won’t marry me for a soda, you won’t marry me for a ball, you won’t marry me for a pretty dress, Will you marry me if I promise to give you my heart and all the money I make?

The female replies, YES, I will marry you if you promise me your heart and all the money you can make,

The male replies; well, now I don’t want to marry you!!

The elders perform the skit beautifully , and all in attendance chuckled

Then there was a raffle, and I won a bathroom soap& toothbrush ensemble, again to my surprise.

Now that our bellies are full our thirst is quenched and our hearts are light, we listened to Belizean paranggi music. Wow what a delightfully good night. I must say, I had a down home ball, Belizean style.


Mr. Fred.

Mr. Fred is the historian of Mafredi village, the village was settled by Cooley men, who was awarded the allotment of Earth as there land to live on after the war. The village community consist of 6 families and there decedents originally from India and settled the Forest home section of Belize. Mr. Fred is now 72 and has lived here for over 60 years, he was not born there, but has lived there since his father moved to establish the village in the early 1900’s. The whole village consist of about 600 people including new comers. Everybody in the village knows I am there, and are wondering will I stay, The more I learn the more I know I am on the right path of my life journey. Mr.Fredd informed me more about the Earth ,I am inheriting, as he spoke to me, I realized I have always been with the Ramclam people .The people have always welcomed me and have been willing to teach me, as if they know, I will fit in. When I am leaving they ask when I come back, when I return, they say what took you so long……

Don’t like Drumming the Earth heart Beat “oh my”

I was invited to go dancing on Friday nights at an local restaurant with outdoor bar, that is owned by an American brother from the states name Gomer,.Gomers is a vegan restaurant located at the edge of town on the main road in. This establishment is the first place you see, when you arrive at the welcome to Punta Gorda sign. It has become a well established spot for foreigners and tourist.. On Friday nights music is played open mic I am always amazed how the foreigners come and infuse their form of music into the melodic sounds stifling the rhythmic flow of indigenous music. People here in Belize are taught to accept anything and everyone kindly, so on Bob Marley day at the annual Reggie festival tribute to Bob Marley in the middle of the festival. An old Canadian guy wanted to perform his rendition of Jonny Cash songs. He played for a whole 30 minutes and people were losing the good feeling and ready to go home , nobody came to hear country music at a Reggie festival. I found it interesting, that a foreigner comes to Belize and the people go out of their way to accommodate them, but if this was a Jonny Cash day tribute to Jonny Cash ,would Reggie music be played in the middle of the festivities for 30 minutes. This slavery attitude of creating a format for foreigners to embellish their cultural norm at the expense of the Belizean cultural traditions is successfully removing the cultural significance of this being a Grafuna community , establishes 100 years before the creation of Belize . Today, Garifuna cultural influence is being replace by foreigners as more of them passive aggressively move into the community.

I finally got dressed and went to Gomers, as I was walking to his spot, I passed by the places were there used to be Garifuna drumming. The whole town would be a symphony of rhythmic beats, making you start dancing in the streets. The music and drums would last all night to the break of dawn. I would go to sleep with the rhythms of the heart beat from the drums, However there was a foreigner drumming gathering in the bush started by some brothers, for foreign women in particular, foreign women can’t compete with the natural rhythmic movements expressed by sisters, and often try to dance with rhythm, all people understand there handicap and are kind, but when you look in the expressions of their faces, you see the prejudices against you,, they quickly leave. So, the gathering for foreign people with brothers was on the outskirts of town. Soon, foreigners was beating on the drum, Now the restaurants that cater to foreigners have foreigners beating on drums.

I arrived at Gomers just to be inundated with Reggie music with foreigners injection. You can imagine how this sounds. Eventually the music returned to soul rhythms and heart throbbing beats ,that make you dance. I danced and danced and danced until 11pm. I didn’t see a ride, but I saw some foreigners who lived passed my house, we all decided to walk home together. The conversation was light and friendly, we all expressed how we missed the night life in the town, I especially the indigenous drumming. One of the women responded that they were tired of hearing the cultural drums in the town and were glad not to here it so much, they prefer their inorganic version of beats . I said Drumming is a part of the culture of Belize, they responded, its ok once in a while, but they like PG better now that it is not so cultural. I ask why do you come to someone else’s home on Earth to live in, and you don’t accept the peoples culture. Drumming is the emotional heartbeat of the Earth in the people’s blood. They don’t like it. You don ‘like Belizean drumming!!! oh my. They want Belize not the Belizeans

This attitude is a common thread for all foreigners who come to live in Belize, they hate the people especially the females and find fault in the expressions of their culture. They do not embrace their food, just the men.

Of course, we left each other, she felt she dared to say to me, how she actually felt about the Belizean cultural expression, and I dared to question why she is squatting here… As more and more Foreigners invade this cultural town,. I hope, they realize foreigners keep their money between themselves, as economic control and warfare, and stand for their cultural expressions in their community before it is too late.


Living outside the City

In this case a town developing into a city. As the town moves away from the shared community network, more and more it starts to have the same problems as the ghettos in the city. Five years ago, I came to a town in which the children played in the town square after dark and couples sit on the rocks under the trees leaning over the sea, romance was everywhere and everybody knew everybody. When I came to town , everybody in town knew there was a new female in town, the males eyes sparkled and the females watch to see would I be open to being with there men. I did make friends ,and even then, I never hang out in the bars, nor the streets. Now, I know most of the people and they know me. I look Belizian now. I decided to stop by a friend and have a chat. They informed me of their house being broken into and all their belongings stolen, Since I have lived here ,3 bike have been stolen from me, I remember they stole my friends car,. I am clear people know who is stealing from each other. As I talked to him I realized why people didn’t want to live no longer in the town. You can’t have nothing, it seems with street lights come crime, Already this year two murders have been committed. Last year there were none. I find it interesting as the more colonial or material influence comes, so does the stealing. It is time to leave the town, I am ready. Right now, , the village where I am is more bush than town, I know maybe in 20 years the village will grow into a little town, but I have many years before that. I hope


Building an Indigenous Lifestyle

I am working with very little money, since my luggage was lost with my herbal supplements. I have had to find ways to support my health from my diet. In doing this I found if I just eat the foods provide by nature, I will be completely fine. Stay away from the western diet of red meat, pasta, sugar, smoking, drinking, flour, anything colonial, or just White, I will be ok. I had to learn how to make my juice from scratch, like NONI juice, Coco juice, salbuties,, panadas any much more. The more I stay with the foods given to us by nature, I will not age, it is also cheaper. I went to swim at the waterfall near my house. I felt so energized, I felt all the heat leave my body. I was not tired . I was clear indigenous living was the way to experience the joy of life. I came home and felt like drawing, looking at the sunset, and taking a deep breath, for many this lifestyle sounds boring, the simpler it is, the more priceless it becomes. I often think of all the people who have to work 8-10 hours or more a day to make wages so they can take a short rest to go back to doing the life draining process of work again. Now all people have to apply themselves towards building self reliance . The question is How do you go about it? Following an indigenous lifestyle you are building self reliance with nature, you never stop creating and building , its like a dreamscape canvas were you become part of the beauty, a part of the prosperity , a part of the abundance, While I was sitting and peering into the fresh mountain water I found small snail shells, the size to make beautiful earrings. I said to myself I need to finish learning to make jewelry. I realized long time ago, if I focus on planting the plants and trees needed to nourish life. I would never have to go shopping for food. If I build my house, I would never need a mortgage, if I design and make my clothes, I will always be original in my female expression, if I create music, I will never be without a beat to express my innate rhythm in dance , if I stay open to following the insights from consciousness. I may be alone, but never lonely. Everyday, I am excited, there is so much for me to do , to create, to exchange, to learn, that at times I feel angry, I was not given this wonderful chance from life at my beginning. I have lost so much life time. Having to find my way back to life. I had to learn so much, skills for living and nurturing life, its emotions, and its needs. All our people have been seriously robbed. Unfortunately, to many are to ignorant to see it is the artificial perceptions that are deluding them. but, the consequences are constantly confronting them, challenging them to open up to a new way of thinking.

I know now what life is NOT and maybe life has picked me because I let go of the perceptions given to me, of me, my plight for life. I rejected and released the acceptance of death to life. I love life, its nature in my blood from on our Earth. I am clear, that the people who are willing to come back to accepting the consciousness of life will live to experience heaven on Earth for life.. The people who do not will live with fear, disease and poverty as a result from living with out it……

Making a balance between the nature of Life and letting go of the dependence to artificial comforts of death is the ultimate challenge…





Why Belize?

Many people ask Why did I choose Belize? How did I find out about Belize? What is the purpose of living in Belize?

I was told in my dreams to go to Belize, at the time I was in my 20’s during the 1980’s, I never heard of the place. I didn’t even know where it was, I was coming to buy fabric to design dresses for sisters., I thought. The vision was strong and clear, It never left me. I have a calling to Belize. Around 2006 the vision came again, I was now travelling all over the western hemisphere, thru the United Nations and learning the bigger picture of what is really happening to all of our bloodlines of people remaining in the Americas. We the bloodline of America is collectively being exterminated, and is blindfolded from the lies of artificial perception used by colonialism tor our heritage destruction .We carry the blood of life for America, but we no longer recognize our connection to our larger body being America. As a result genocide of our bloodline life in America over generations has crippled us very severely, we are losing our life support system. Our race is in the peril of destruction to extinction.

At first I was going to live in Brazil, I fit in well there, but the same issues we have in the states is being implemented against them, they are in the beginning process of their africazation. They are in the process of integration assimilation, However, the people are not as gunhoe as our recent delusional ancestors. They suffer greatly from aparteight, segregation, sexism and racism. Unfortunately every where you go in the western hemispheres you find the same racism against the indigenous populations aka Negro’s, . The same issues we have they have, the same class/ caste system.

I found it too far to keep traveling. I was not good at Portuguese. Belize is a creole English speaking country that has a strong Negro population and some are still connected to our culture for living with America. I had considered Jamaica, WI, but I don’t resonate with islands. Belize is not an island, you can drive here today, however it is not overrun with colonization of foreigners yet. The people have not lost their nature, it is changing rapidly.

Once I got here, my instincts told me where to go. I just followed them, I was even given a ride by a Garifuna brother who took me at the time ,to a restaurant, who premises I am living at today. Since ,I have come to Belize ,my understanding of why I am here is clear

I came to Belize to Live- to learn how to live an bio-organic life thru all that Life on Earth has provided for it!!!

I did not come to Belize to hangout- to live an inorganic lifestyle of entertainment.

All foreigners come here like parasites to live off of the rich organic life flow still thriving here, as well as to hide from the life challenges they were facing in their host countries. they never come to support life of Belize or the Belizeans, I have never met one who has any respect or even like them as a collective of people, they only like a few individuals. They never like the females….


They come to steal and use the wealth of bio- organic emotional nature for their personal entertainment consumption and economic upliftment.

.Living and learning in Belize challenges you to change your perceptions and release your fear about nature.. Opening a school here will give our people who come a chance to connect to all aspects of life and return to states with renewed vigor for building life escapes for themselves, so they will have a space for life on Earth. I came to Belize to live like my ancestors, to learn how to play, and create with nature.

One perception builds and one destroys.

Next week- I am moving to live in the bush!!!!!!!!!

Well, it has been a month now, living in the Luk Makoo house.. the experience is full of surprises and insights, as well as learning new abilities and being tested on the use of the old ones, Without life challenges we don’t see how we have grown or matured in life development.

Here are some of my experience and insights .

We are the Earth Builders

The more I travel, the more I realize creativity is an innate gift a talent. Everyone has some degree of it. I see why certain people are feared, and why some are not.

The human species in nature were developed at different times or ages with the development of nature as the Earth grew.

As the process of Earth bio- creation developed and grew so did the capability of the creative process in the species. The older the Earth species the more capacity to create organically is contained with it.

All human species do not have the same human capability as others, we are not all created equal. Deep inside most Negro people, we know we are not inferior to anyone, living on this Earth and most of the time if we put our focus to a task, we will not be defeated.

What make us more capable than others?

Is it because our creative capacity and production with life on Earth is highly developed.

I see this insight clearly in Belize. There are different ethnic groups here, the only ethnic group with the most creativity is the indigenous people know as the Grafunia and the Negro people called the Creoles.

The East Indian peoples deposited here are fairly developed but lack creative insight, they are followers, they are not creative builders, I have lived in many building built by East Indians , they lack structural ingenuity, practical yes, creative No. The same goes with the Asian people deposited here, their creations are very simple structures with no creative insight, without any advanced design, for the most part their creations are bland, like the culture,. Music, clothing, everything, there is no creativity with the Earth, they only live on it…. These people could not have built the Pyramids in central America , as a matter of fact, they live around them, but have no real knowledge of them. I will admit, the same could be said about our people who live around the ruins of our cities and have little to no knowledge about their connection to them. However, most of the people I have talked to who live around the mounds feel a connection to them, and are quietly open to learning more about them. I always hear. I had a feeling, I just didn’t have any facts about them.



Living Organically- living with little to no money.

First I want to thank the people who sent in donations towards the development of the Luk Makoo house in Belize. The project has been a life learning experience for me and others. Without the donations I received, the work completed on this trip would have taken longer. The roof is complete, now the interior must be completed. However I will return in November to complete the next steps for the project.

I started living here on March 16th, I brought a tent from the states, put it up in the house and moved in it. I was inspired by another sister, who moved back down here from the states to live at her fathers unfinished house on top of a mountain near me, the view of the tropical forest from her house is spectacular , her father planted trees around the house grounds, the outside grounds are cool and quite comfortable. The house has no electricity, no running water, she built a bathroom and uses a fireheart for cooking. She was also thinking of moving into the house so she could use the money from rent on the house. I too had little money, and needed my few pennies to go to finishing the house.

The new roof for the house was close to 4000.00 BZE, or 2100.00 US all I had was 17.00 US. left in the account. Once I moved here, I had no cooking , I knew of the fresh water pond that is located in the back of the house., to my surprise, my need for water to wash was eliminated, the water in the pond is about 3-4 feet high , clear, cool, and oh so private. I found myself going to the water to for a cool wash down twice a day,.

My spirit told me to go to my neighbors house. Everyday she had some food for me. She has feed me for the last 2weeks, I have not gone hungry, I drunk some green coconut water and was full for over 24 hours. The place is a little rough, but the tent is cozy. I have no television, music or internet, and broke the screen on the computer, so I can not use it to type for the last 3 weeks, Yet I am not bored, or lonely and everyday is full of excitement, I am completely exhausted everyday and look forward to rest. Living without modern intervention has given me a chance to completely live in the organic experience. The insights are phenomenal I am able to see how inorganic products break the organic cycle of new possibilities with the invention of machines. Money is a inorganic medium and completely masculine. Money is for men not females. Men can make money grow, while females find ways to save it. I have learned the laws of nature take effect on every level of organization.

Once a movement outside of the group happens , someone in the group mainly males will attach the foreign movement. I now understand completely , why the crabs in the barrel mentality must exist. Everything in nature resists outside intrusion into the group. When a person is perceived as having more than the group the imbalance in the group triggers the need to return to balance. Some one in the group is going to break down the cause of the imbalance The best action I could have taken was to build a organic house. The community has adopted so many artificial prejudices against organic living, the house is not perceived as an intrusion, yet the house is quite pretty. The elders are telling me of the days when they built their house out of clay of the Earth , how pretty they were, how cool they were and how comfortable life was. The house is making those who know reflect on what they gave up to live the way they live today. To my surprise they are admitting they made a big mistake cutting down the trees and adopting lumber and cement instead of sticks and mud. They changed because they did not want to be considered poor. Now they see the wealth they lost and the cost to their future generations.

li am eating wild greens , beans and coconut water. I built a small fire hearth and what ever I thought I needed to eat, next thing I know it was being supplied to me. I realized that life was making a way, life was taking care of me organically. I have no need to fear…As I lived here the more I am finding out ways to get things done spending little money. I am finding out everything I need is right at my finger tips. But all the inorganic products cost money. I still can use money, to hire workers to do the work needed and for modern conveniences. This experience is giving me some serious insights to how we lost our power. Wow

Hot Water Springs

On Easter Sunday I was invited to dinner and after dinner all the guest decided to go swimming at Big Falls, hidden near the falls was a hot water spring. When I arrived there I notice piles of rocks built up to make platforms above the water. About 10 to 20nfeet away from each other. The water was fairly shallow about 3 feet deep this section of the river was very wide and the water was so clear. People were washing clothes on the rock pules stands some bathing and some just wading in the beautiful water, trees hovered over the river some sections were deeper than others as you moved towards the middle of the river the water was cooler and deeper. There was a stream flowing into the river and was quite deep, the water here was very warm almost hot, this pool is the hot water spring. The color of the water was different than the river water, it was a blue gray, water from the spring flowed into this pool and once warmed flowed into the river. Ah the best of both worlds Fresh water has a miraculous effect on the physic. You may go in with issues and when you get in it relaxes you while reenergizing you. You feel your blood soaking up the energy. Going to hot water springs will be a spot everyone who visits Belize and stays at the house will surely visit. The places to go list is getting longer everyday for, the experience of organic paradise. Our paradise consisted of WATER. Now I see why all our cities was located near fresh water and why the first law passed against us by the foreigners was for people under there charge , to stop going into the fresh Water to bath.

Healthy Living at my finger tips…

I do not have my Female Restore products and I am very low on clay, American Airline never found my bag, so I have none of my health support supplements. Boy am I feeling it, I have been forced to find other ways to keep up my stamina. Until last week, I could not even get fresh sea weed, I have lost a lot of body tone, I do tire more than usual, but I have had to work with what nature provided, so I am drinking fresh coconut water when I could get some. To my surprise a tropical tree farm selling coconuts is walking distant from my house, . he is a organic farmer, he calls himself doing agree culture, farming by working with nature instead of against it. We call it indigenous horticulture. To my surprise, he has been visiting the house and wanted to know who was building a natural house. Once he found out I am practicing organic horticulture, he said he will make sure I have all the coconuts water and trees to plant, including Moraga trees. He grows trees from seed and he is doing what I have learned to do. He was surprised to see I had plants flourishing in my garden during dry season, when there are fires all around us.. He has stop by twice to show me how to use a machete correctly. I humbly accept his advice and the trees for our paradise

Well as you know the roof is completely finished with only a few glitches so far. .. One of the glitches is I have about 500 extra bay leaves and about 30 sticks. Great, life is preparing me for the next production., giving me all the organic materials I needed Now, I just need workers to do the building. It will be a 12by 20 feet, open on the sides with a 10ft high roof. The space will house the fire hearth, ours is going to have a chimney and clay oven, to cook food. I am clear our people prepared our food in Earth stoves or ovens. I have cooked everything in Earthen ware, the food taste better than in metal pots. The space will also be used for artesian production and to eat, leaving the main house for some good old fashion relaxation in the hammocks. Ahhhhhh yeaaaaa.

This is the last update from Belize. I will be back in the States soon,, I will answer all your questions and full you in on what you missed around the fire at Yumwija.

Life is Beautiful, come and join the exoerence




I behold the beauty and Awe of “Life”

Since 1977, I have traveled to many places. As a young female I was fortunate to be exposed by my mother to experiencing life outside the United States. However my Life conscious travelling experiences started in 1987. I travelled to Egypt. Before I had a yearning to travel, now I have a purpose, once on the journey a complete revelation of the meaning for the journey is revealed. Following Life journey has allowed me to witness spectacular sights of beauty in Life and insights about the nature of Life….

As I write this testimony, I realize I have witness the organic life of Earth, many people locked in the technical , artificial world of inorganic perception as living will only see as artificial projections in the movies or on television.

LIFE sent me Angels!!!!!!

Building and living in Belize has had its challenges, I have had to overcome the prejuices and attitudes of people about Amerindian people. Moving to the Luk Makoo house was no different.

I had a lot of items to bring to the house and no way to get them here. Finding a person with a pick-up truck big enough to take a 350 gallon water tank can be a real challenge. I met a Garifuna brother visiting with his family from the states while visiting with a friend of mine. I realized we had a lot in common. The next time I saw him he was in a large pick-up truck. He stated he was looking to have more conversation with me. He needed to see there was people thinking like him, he felt he needed to come back to Belize and step-up before it is too late and the Garifuna people lose everything they have with Earth. He shared the story of his heritage and is deeply concerned it is going to get lost. Unfortunately he is right. We talked and I told him I was moving to the bush to the Luk Makoo house. Is it possible he could help me move. He said, sure he has the truck until Wednesday, before he goes back to the States. He moved everything in two trips including the water tank. I gave him gas money and he left me with a green coconut full of water. I brought a tent to sleep in just in case of doctor flies stinging me and anything else I need to learn about. The tent fit into the house just fine. Wow that was quick I did it I’m here.

Now that I am in the house. I have to live organically, I have no inorganic comforts. Not even a stove. I went to sleep on my make sift bed, I had about $2.00 in my account and a little food I brought with me to cook. When I get a stove. I meditated, I was so happy to be here. Life again told me to go to my new neighbors house Mrs. Ann, Mrs. Ann was happy to see me, the first thing she did was give me some food. Everyday Mrs. Ann sends me a plate of food and fresh juice. I went to my class and told people I needed donations. And I was sent 100.00 enough to buy me a foam bed to sleep on the floor of my tent. I did not know where I was going to wash, low and behold, I went to the fresh water pond in the back of the house, it was full of wonderful water, I pulled out a towel put it on the ground got on top of a rock and bathed . I realized all my needs were met.. Thank you life for sending me your Angels!!!!!


Organic Water vs Inorganic bottled water

Organic freshwater from the creek, the water taste so GOOD. It relieves your thirst and hunger ,its like a meal. The water flowing in the creek oh it looks so fresh and clear. When you look closer you can see the transparent fish swimming with the water, you look at the water it looks like liquid glass, you see your like a mirror you reflection looking back at you.

Natural water is not what we think, its living like the blood in our veins, I like to call it the blood of Life. I find myself drawn to it. I gently put my feet in it, my feet instantly illuminated start to glow I quickly put my hands into it to wash my face, arms. My legs are now in the water, oh what the hell, I’m sitting in the wonderfully fresh water. I cup my hands and drink oh it feels so good, a few minutes later, I feel revived, cool and relaxed. I fill my bottles with fresh water to use to make tea and juice


I noticed bottled water does not stay cool. Organic water stays cool for days regardless of the container. When I drink bottled water, I always need more. I feel refreshed for the moment, yet when I drink fresh water I do not get thirsty again. I find myself desiring fresh water from the creek. The prejudices I have keep me cautious even though the positive experiences are telling me different. So I decided to mix the two. I will let everyone know the outcome at the Indigenous Living Summit fireside chat…...