Belize Update Nov 30th- April 5th, 2014

Aquehewa Kinfolk,

I’m back in Belize. It feels great to be back in Belize. I started my journey back Sunday Nov 30th. My son came from Florida to see me off and drove me to Charlotte NC to stay the night with kinfolk in order to catch a 9;30 am flight to Cancun Mexico arriving at 11;30 am. Thank you so much for the love and support given to me.. Once processed in Cancun Mexico, at the airport I ran into another American sister, traveling with two sisters, who are traveling out of the country for the first time. They two were on their way to Belize via bus and we would meet again on the bus to Belize later that evening. I was spending the day in Playa de Carmen Mexico, a 25 minute ride from Cancun.

For starters Cancun Mexico has changed drastically and is very commercial today. For example Cancun has all the big Car dealers even a Mercedes dealership .

Playa De Carmen, Mexico has grown since the last time I was here in 1994.. Today it is a young tourist hot spot, Modern day hippies and well to do beach bums. It is very expensive. I stayed at an n B&B, that was not what I expected. It was a 3 bedroom apartment on the 3 floor of a very beautiful condo complex. I had heavy luggage, which posed a problem I did not expect. The proprietor was from Italy ,using the place as an income producer. The place was simply decorated but refreshing, and in the living room there was a small desk to use for the internet. I had Monday evening heritage class in Play de Carmen and caught the 11.30 pm bus to Belize scheduled to arrive at 9 am the next day. The bus trip was 60.00us Last year it was only I think I was ripped off at the terminal. But it was still cheaper than by direct flight to Belize which was over 500us. One way.

Arrival in Belize

Once I went through customs and arrived in Belize City .I started to feel relax and I could feel the tiredness coming on. But I was not there yet I have another 6 hour bus ride to Punta Gouda. I hung around the station to catch the 3; 45 express bus to Punta Gorda and meet my friend Tiff, she was returning from Tennessee and we are going to take the ride together down and she will fill me in on all the latest local drama in town, and BOY THERE IS DRAMAAAA . When I got back to town I was welcomed by everyone here, my arrival was part of the gossip too and I was even scolded because I was arriving later than usual. I arrived tired, exhausted and grateful to have made it. Now, my challenges begin, I am fully aware this trip I will have to use what I have learned from previous trips. I would not have the luxury of money security as I had in the past…

I decided to take the challenge. Years ago I would have been afraid of this kind of challenge. I feel stronger and I am ready to learn more about living in life . I am going to live in Belize like I live in the States.

I did not move into my ocean front apartment, instead I am a couple of blocks from the ocean, the trade off is I have internet included in the rent., which will save me a fortune. I realize both apartments are good and offer different benefits. No ocean view instead wi-fi , the rent is cheaper, and the place is very safe and closer to the convinces in town.

The Weather-

Global warming effect…. Believe it or not the weather is not hot , just barley warm. Mid 70’s- lower 80’s and very rainy . it has rained in torrents almost everyday for the last 10days, as I write I had to put on a long sleeve shirt to keep warm.. No sun, just clouds. I have yet to get into the water…Tourism is slow here in PG.., people are not flocking down here Personally I think it is a good thing. Keep prices reasonable and if tourist came right now, they would be disappointed, the town is literally tore u[, due to new construction of a Market place, town civic center. The town people are skeptical about the new renovations and additions as though nothing has ever gotten completed in a timely manner in the past. Most people would have preferred some of the old projects completed and fixing of the town roads. The weather has made mud of many streets in town leaving huge potholes big enough to engulf a car. Driving on the side roads in town are no walk in the park, they are just scary.

Town Politics here like in the States do not reap rewards for the people, the people keep electing people who try to reform the system just to find out a politician can’t change it. The people they elect are not knowledgeable enough to work the system. It is the colonel system that has to change. Watching the politics and issues of tow allows me to see the whole system from a different vantage point. The same problems here mirror the issues we have in the States. Its not the people using the system that is flawed it is the system of colonel governance that is flawed.

Luk Makoo update:

I did go to our international school location to see how our house is doing. I did not know what to expect.. Well to my glee, the house is looking good. All the walls cured . only a small portion was damage due to a flood. The inside walls took at least 18inches of standing water. Good news the walls are still standing, only a small section took in damage, which could be fixed in about two weeks the most I am glad to see the weakness in the walls now instead of later.The roof leaked which help cause the flood. The wrong kind of leaves were used on the roof, the new roof must be made out of bay leaf.. Good news, to my amazement all my work equipment was there,, I am so grateful there was no more damage than their was, somebody has even moved in on the loft. However most of the trees planted are all gone. The neighbors knew I was back in town and greeted me . Your back-Hi miss Morfredi. My next door neighbor who lives across the way and can see the property clearly from hers told all the latest info. Another neighbor, was glad I was back and going to finish the house complex. He informed me a Canadian bought 60 archers to build a golf course. There is concern the golf course will change the beautiful and tranquil landscape of Morfredi.. A new challenge- I have to dig a drainage system around the building. and use a different leaf pattern for the roof. The advice I got from seasoned home builders is for every 4steps I take forward , I will take 2 steps back. Until I stay here and don’t leave until it is complete. I got somebody who wants to be the care taker for the place. The house looks beautiful and it stands out in the landscape of the village. I intend to make the village proud .

Cultural project 2014

I brought my guitar down with me. I have a commitment from international Reggie star Oscar Burk to teach me how to play. He owns the only all day club here in PG. That’s right all day. The party starts around 8am-7 pm or dusk, then the place goes empty. I am so honored and grateful for Oscar to teach me how to play. I am practicing everyday. I promised him I will make him proud. Hopefully I will be able to play a little something when I come back to YUMWIJA.


Well that’s enough for now. Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine Aquecheway


Dec 27th,2014


Well, the weather finally cleared up. We have had days of full sun , war days, even hot and warm cool nights. The skies are telling their story thru the stars in clear, brilliant cooler… Our Earth is paradise.

Celebrating Xmas in PG

This week was interesting because. I found myself catch up in preparing for the wed night party. X mas is not celebrated like it is in the states. People use the day for family parties and gathering. I purchased the infamous Black cake. I heard so much about. This cake is only made during this holiday. It is like a rum fruit cake made with blacken flour and to go with it I purchased some cashew and ginger wine and to keep the cake moist I also purchased Belizean Rum. The night before Xmas was a festivity of fire crackers and at 12am, the whole town became a chorus of fireworks and fire crackers. Wow what a show and the Belizian kinds of music when all night. Here the people listen to music everywhere. Staying here in the town is a complete different experience than living on the ocean. They are different but both seem to have it enchanting benefits. The cake is wonderful and very rich, and the wine is very pleasant to. So I decided as though I don’t drink I am going to drink wine. I also found out they make wine out of every kind of tropical fruit or nut just like we do in the states. I made pineapple skin beverage, I let the pineapple skin sit for 24 hours and strained, then added lime and sugar. The elders are dying out and the children are not carrying the traditions on, I think sugar has something to do with it. Artificial consumption is building here. The younger generations know how to do, but are opting out for convince. This helps me understand what our past generations experienced allowing what we see developed today as the current generations lack the knowledge needed to regain independent living from the trap of artificial consumption…

Guitar lessons:

I am doing my lessons and practices, my finger are sore. Oscar is really teaching me more than I ever bargained. When I took lessons in the states, they just taught me the cords to make music, Oscar is teaching me how to read music and write music, so I can identify the cords on paper as well as sound. It is starting to get difficult. I will keep up my practicing . I do see me playing something . he is real good and know music theory. He said it is like learning math.

I would send a picture, I need someone to send me a camera. I saw someone with a proity mail package and asked how they got it here. I found out how I can ge a package thru the mail. Who ever sends me a camera I will tell you how, lets see what happens. It sounds like fun, How they say never stop learning…..

P.G seems to be a Peaceful place…

Sine I have been here, other than people from the states I have not seen no one acting out in anger towards each other. I know the people can be quite ruthlessness in acting out there selfishness. The more they embrace individualism, I see more selfishness surfacing. I have been told it is not polite to embarrasses each other.. they get back at each other from passive active response to each other violating actions without hurting their emotions…. Now here in the States we don’t respond to bull shit that way. Because they do respond in such a passive way, people are quick to take advantage of other people specially foreigners. They think they do not have to answer to consequences for wrong doing against them.. Well, I got tired of it, and gave someone some real NYC violability and made it clear I am Not Belizian, nor and I WHITE- so I will call your ass out and have no problem kicking it. I felt pretty good about it. I knew the incident would rumor thru the neighborhood. I also knew that the shit would stop there because I will embarrass them… this is not the first person I had to give them a wake up call.

Over the last few days we haven’t had internet which is include in our rent. The owners seemed passive about getting our service back and had no problem watching our collective hardship. Once they heard I went off on somebody, and another American tenant said we are going to deduct it from the rent. The owner when down to the Internet provider and claim they had to get vocal with them and guess what we got internet. Now I agree we should not be quick to kick ass for all bad actions by others. But the owner came to me and said he though of me in the office and went off on the people, and they quickly made corrective action. He said he never used that action before. I said we Americans may not be considered the passive people. Our motto: don’t start no shit won’t be none. But if you do, we will make you clean it…..

Well that’s enough for now!!. I am working on the end season magazine, look for it.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine


January 10, 2014-5

Aquechewa Kinfolk,

Well the weather is still raining in torrents, Saturday January 9, was the first time I experienced an full day and night of constant hard rain showers, even the locals are getting alarmed. The ground is not drying up as fast as usual and it looks like it is saturated. The good news it is only the coastal weather getting this harsh weather not in the mountains. It has rained as usual


Bad news!!

Woke up this morning to find my bike messing/ stolen.. this is the second bike taken from me. This bike lasted the longest though. I did not get but so upset. I really didn’t think it would last this long. I saw some guys watching me for a few days taking my bike into the apartment complex. People here don’t even report the theft. I have an idea it was the next door neighbors who took it, so I am debating how to proceed next. Living here is showing me how people deal with unconscious people- they don’t so the unconsciousness goes unchecked…… not GOOD.

Similar to the same issues we have in our communities in the States. At one time we had ways to deal with people in our collective who did not respect the laws of collective consciousness. This component of our demise we ignore. How did our ancestor deal with people who leeched on the people. I am very clear the fact there are no males correcting males who are using unconscious attitudes is at the foundation of the problem. The attitude of acceptance of all bad action is a direct result of females raising boys and the boys watching their mother accept victimization behavior by other men. Children receive the message they can victimize without direct consequences as adults…

Luk Makoo Update

As of January 5, I started working on finishing the Luk Makoo project our first building on our Belize Institute for Indigenous American Studies Central America Campus, We are fixing the damage walls, and have completed digging an 6 inch trench around the house to stop the water from flooding the house. It works real well.


Every day, I go to cotinine building the Luk Makoo house , unfortunately I am only spending 3 hours a day. I have classes or Guitar lessons in the morning then I catch the 12pm bus to the village and I have to catch the 4pm bus back to town it takes about 30 minutes by bus to get there. If on time.. the good news is , we are moving fairly fast, and it is coming fairly easy to do. . I am so grateful David and I built the Pagoda and I learned to stain wood. I am staining the wooden windows . with Boiled Linseed oil. The windows look beautiful. . The trees I planted did not make it. This time we went into the bush and found baby trees and transplanted them, Like in the states, the females have been removed from working directly with the Earth. They are familiar with growing plants , but do not have direct connection with it. The females who do are called the root lady , and are regarded as taboo and kept hidden. In this patriarchal society the females primarily are used to service the men. Without a man they eat what they can scavenge, the men grow the food.. as a result the females are always looking for a man.. Marriage is not a real issue here. Most of the indigenous men do not raise their children individually they raise them collectively. Whoever is using the mother at the time take over the role of father to the children, regardless of the father….

International news;

The IPF is requesting indigenous house building projects be submitted for exhibition at the Indigenous Permanent Forum. I am going to submit the Luk makoo house for FIAAH – Institute for Indigenous American Studies. I am re editing the photoshow now to submit. Hopefully our site will be accepted.

There is a Catche People Musuem being built a short walking distance from our Luk Makoo campus as well as a golf course in the village area. Tourism is coming. I also found there is a lagoon near by for us to go fishing over night.

Well, that’s enough for now. I will keep in touch

Oh thanks Brenda for sending me a camera. Soon I will be able to send pic too.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine Aquecheway

Aquechewa everyone, well it has been a busy last 2 weeks. I celebrated my birthday here in Belize and it was a bang. I am thankful for everyone’s well wishes and remembrance of my Earth day. I am so grateful to be living a life that is so full of life.

A special dinner was prepared for me by my friends down here and I was serenaded by my music teacher trio of musicians, wow what a high. I started the newsletter then lost it, don’t know how, it will pop up when I am not looking for it. I guess I was writing the wrong message, hopefully I won’t lose this one LOL.

I have stayed focus on my schedule, however I am tired when I get home, so I have not been able to move as fast as I would like too. The presentation to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was submitted and we are awaiting a response. I attached the submission for those who keep track.

The weather is finally clearing up and the constant rain has stopped. We have finished repairing the walls and have discovered different ways of using the clay mixture. I see how our ancestors were the Earth (Mound) Builders. Creating with Earth has endless combinations and possibilities, I see why we had to sop progressing in order for the new world order to exist. The building is like masculine cooking. Our building made of the Earth soil we are made off, is like working with our own nature. It is a subtle energy, yet powerful, it responds to emotion just lie we do. It is a form of relaxing production using the same methods as cooking, I call it the masculine form of production with life…

Now, I am having some very interesting insightful experiences. I’m seeming how we are being homosexualized out of our nature everyday. I also see how we can stop our extinction. We the females must rebuild our respect for our support for life systems ; or our culture. Most of us have been told to ignore what we do as females to support life. We keep looking for men to validate us, well here the females do not look for the validation from the men. All men follow the ways of there mother as boys. They learn how to work with females from other men.. In Belize, there are collective of females that stand by the roots of their blood. Because they do the people they create as children learn to respect their existence as a part of their people. You know the different people by the way they express themselves in dress. The females who do not have this respect for their blood connection to the Earth, children are the ones who have no respect for them. Now the Colonialized people children are out here killing ,being selfish, and showing no respect for their people ,the adults are complaining, shaking their heads.

I also have had some interesting experiences with females as women coming here, they have no children, some don’t even like children, others feel the world would be better without them. I wondered why they are down here looking for a man. They act very masculine even straight up Manish. They claim they do not want females, because they hate being a female, they want to be with men to have sex. Now there are brothers here who feel it is there duty to pollenate any female that wants to be pollinated regardless of race . Now, I don’t see them being a responsible father, but having sex is right up there alley. These women run from them. They look at the females as inferior to them, yet they are females. I call it “ being a chicken who is thinking like they are a pig, yet they don’ know how to be a chicken and they can’t be a pig,, I found this dilemma interesting. I felt sorry for them,that they could not full embrace their own nature, they were conditioned to be misogynist. Female misogynist. That is what a real homosexual is. A person who hates there nature of Life……

The more I stay here the more I appreciate the life I have and respect the simple life, I have our colors. Brown yellow green. I am going to learn how to make cloth. I have too, we the females of the Americas we are going to reclaim our femaleness back. It is our time to show our love and be loved . Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine




March 1st 2014/15

Aquechewa kinfolk,

Well it has been a busy 2 weeks. The repairs and corrections to the Indigenous cottage has been completed. We are now doing the plastering. The plastering is presenting new challenges for learning.

So far getting the color constant has been a challenge. One thing have learned from this project. Building directly from Earth will definitely liberate us from debt . Now the building can be laborious. However, I am working with only one helper. Some people came the other day to see the project. While talking to the brother I found it interesting what I heard the helper telll the people that he preferred to do this kind of work. The work was not hazardous, it did not cause him to break out in rashes like working with cement. At first he did not see how the walls could get as hard as cement., but to his surprise he saw that the mud connected to each other to make one whole. He explains that once that happened, when you hit or try to shake the wall the whole building would have to move, he said it was like the building molded into one form.. To me it seemed to come into its own life. It does not look like the rest of the buildings made out of thatch and soft clay. To me it looks small, yet to others they say it is a big house. I see a cottage.. the electrician is ready to see how we will put in the electricity. The doors , window screens and screening of the open ventilation at the top must be done now. I will get enough done so I can move into it the next time I come, now it will be roughing it.

Every time I come back I learn how to live without colonel dependence. I am coming out of consumerism. I realize I am detoxing from a deeply rooted dependence.

I Love it. I see our heritage more clearly ,and the power that we have. II also see how the two systems really don.t complement each other. The people who still have the skills to live directly with the Earth and have never experienced colonel dependent living are treated poorly. They are the people who still live with the beauty of our Earth, but the whites are constantly finding a way to exploit them for their way of living with life on Earth. The people are constantly being influenced to change their ways, as a result they are becoming consumers. They are being influenced to consume products that will cripple them. I brought this point out to a group of young foreigners and the response was it was not there job to tell the people what the consequences are or tell them how to manage their exploitation.. I found this very re veiling. The answer confirmed for me the foreigners knew the effects from their influence was going to do to the people, and if the people took the bait they will not only lose their way of life , there future generations would be in peril too. Seeing this first hand, allowed me to see what was done to influence our ancestors to put us in the position we are in today…. conquered. I did not have to read the situation from a book, life gave me a first eye view.. the is one of the advantages of being colonialized and moving back to my nature and our culture. I can see how they used their influence as a weapon against Earth people., so I told the people it’s a trick . People like me know what the results are and we can warn them. This do not mean they will take heed. At least they have been warned by somebody who knows what is on the other side of the influence game... Once I stated the truth. Some men from the community came up to me and thanked me for speaking out. What I explained to them was what they were feeling, but they did not know the details. I informed them, the money they thought they will receive will not happen without a cost . You will in the end have no money and no safe. Free, clean home place to live ether…. They will move in on you…. The men nodded their heads and said the moving in part won’t happen, because the katchiee people will burn you out,,, LOL

Now the weather is getting real hot down here, I am ready to go swimming. I only went swimming once since I have returned. I have yet to go to my waterfall.

I was offered to purchase 20 acres , it is walking distance from where I am now. I think it will be a good investment. It is on a road the connects to the main road. Electricity is on the property, which is a good thing, because running a line can get expensive, there is water on it, and it is next to a fishing lagoon.. Now there are no other amenities for now, which is a good thing , the price is still reasonable. If anyone is interested let me know. I am going to negotiate it for 25.000.00-30.000.00. 1200 US for am archer. That’s a good price. Earth now is some places 10.000.00 an acre . People are leaving the States. And the wolfs are following them,.

Well the guitar lessons are coming along quite fine. I am now trying to put all that I have learned into music with a beat. I played with the musicians today. Well I have a lot of practice to sound good. But I am trying. LoL

Elections are happening now, so e very weekend there has been live music in the park, and people wearing there tee shirts for their parties, even a few streets got repaved.

Well that’s enough for now!!. I am still working on the end season magazine, land the new year course schedule for yumwija events will be finished so lookq for it.

Oh , I will do the new year online celebration here from Belize, Looking for people to participate, let me know if you are interested.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine


March 16th, 2014/15


Aquechewa everyone, Hope everyone is doing better, I mean the weather is finally giving everyone sunnier days, now that daylight saving time is in the states days will seem to have more time in them. Here in Belize the weather has been dry for the most part and getting hotter as every new day passes.

The life experience I am having in Belize is giving me some interesting insights.

First updates:

Well we heard from the United Nations, stating our submission did not have a presentation. Well, all of our photos in our presentations have been removed from the Institute for Indigenous American Studies photo channel. I was shocked that someone would remove all the presentations. It also means someone in the group is very jealous of the progress that is being made at FIAAH. When people are causing you harm means you are on the right track. Our production is a testament of our success. So I am creating a youtube channel to put all the photoshows on. Whoever did this ugly deed did not want us to get any recognition for the accomplishment or validation to Amerindian heritage building techniques. Unfortunately I know of quite a few people I could put on the list of people who resent the wonderful grace life has shown FIAAH. Many of our people live with colonial prejudice and elitism as house slaves. They live safe but miserable lives. Indigenous conscious people live life on a flying carpet, without fear to expand to new horizons. I contacted the company and they are looking into it now. So I can secure our presentations from theft like this again…


The Luk Makoo House outside is complete and now I will finish plastering the inside walls, we finally have electricity to the pole, now I just have it run to the house. I contracted for the doors to be made and installed next week, with bolt locks, and I will have the screens installed.. that is my goal this trip. I would like to drive down next trip and sleep at the location and bring supplies. I have learned a lot and one fact I have learned is everything we need can be made from Earth. Plates, cups, jewelry,, I love cooking in earthen ware. I will try to learn basic weaving before I go. But the teacher I have not seen. We can produce everything we need to have a wonderful life, we just need to know how so I am working hard to learn as much as I can to share with YOU…..

I had this interesting experience believe it or not……



Whats good for the goose is also good for the gander



I was befriended by a foreigner women from the states, she was from Louisiana , we meet when I first started coming here , she and her husband was my next door neighbor, the husband is a flandering womanizer and his exploits are well known in the community. We became friends because they opened a cool out spot on the water front near the apartment. All the people living in the neighborhood would go there to cool off and hang out. The husband started to become very abusive to the point of physical abuse. While the abuse was escalating they were building a living spot on the shorefront. While they were completing the homestead they were living in it. However there was no protections from falling on to the barrier rocks below. One day my neighbor came screaming into my apartment, bleeding and bruised, terrified. I took her in and got her the proper attention she needed.

We became friends. I would check on her and help her cope thru the break up of a marriage of 35 years, she decided to stay and live in Belize instead of going back to the States. She swore she is not prejudice ,but her attitudes towards the people of Belize collectively were very prejudice , but individually she would not hold those prejudices against them.

I found this double standard fascinating and brought her prejudice to her attention if she wants to live with the people she has contempt for. Belize belong to the ethnic peoples who live there, she is the guest. I am amazed that when ever Europeans go to other places on Earth, they carry the same prejudice, regardless if they are Canadian, French, German, English Etc. They look at the people as inferior and despise the females right to continue life. Yet most of the foreign women love the indigenous males that are created by the indigenous females they have contempt for. They come to teach the people how to live like them. I laugh and remind them of their bias, because they are coming to them wanting to live in the paradise the people they find inferior live with.. They come to take, to use and to destroy… however living here helps me see how they do it collectively and the mistakes we make in our attitudes as Indigenous females in consciousness that allow our collective destruction .

Anytime I wash my hair and wear it in knots to dry, she would make a big commotion about my hair calling my hair grooming pick-a- ninny , stating her grandmother would call the Amerindian females when they wore there hair in our ethnic cultural heritage as knots pickaninny. I informed her the term for our hair is not pickaninny and it was a demeaning term applied by Europeans against Amerindian females to degrade and demoralize their self worth and respect for the beautiful Amerindian hair texture. I explained it is a term European foreigners to America used to show contempt towards the blood expression of America heritage represented by our hair for America in America heritage females.. However she continued to use the term to bring attention to my hair. I ask her what the problem is, I quickly realized she wished her hair looked like mine.

It is a long forgotten truth racism is not an America issue. Racism was brought to America by the foreigners who claim they are the descendants of Adam, who have contempt for life of Earth and all life created by Earth., to live with Earth.

This simple fact is what we as a people of Earth have been struggling with for over 500 years the truth that everything walking Earth does not have a natural love for the Earth conscious represented as America.

We the people of the Earth are not by nature a racist people. Regardless of all that has been done to us and our Earth by foreigners invading our life and nature, we still do not have contempt for them.

It is not our nature. We collectively are not jealous of them, therefore we do not have contempt for them. We accept them for their shortcomings. They are like our children, we accept their ignorance as a result we have spoiled them.

I realized this is a conscious that will have to change if we are to remain alive on our planet Earth. We must stand for our blood represented by our beautiful textured hair. Like most of us, I to have been conditioned not to confront the issue directly. I took the attack, and walked away. I realized she never comments on how beautiful my hair is like other people. I realized her words did not affect my self-esteem. I also realized telling her my dislike would not stop her from feeling it was ok, because to her it was my responsibility to get over my feelings, her grandmother actions are acceptable therefore it is acceptable for her to do. She needed to have an example, frame of reference for the experience, no different than when a child hits another child, you make the child who is hurt hit the child back. They both start crying, but the child now has a frame of reference of how it feels to be hit, the child will think twice before they chose to strike someone again. I realized foreigners never get to feel the horrible experiences to life they create for everybody else. They disrespect Life on Earth with impunity.

From this insight from consciousness, this has to change. People of the Earth are starting to strike back. Example: Foreigners disgracing the Islam prophet Mohamed, the journalist who published the disgraceful statements was killed. Now foreigners screamed and hollered. Well instead of killing them, I feel the best way to make change is to use the same right of free speech. Let’s talk about their religious saint example let’s make fun of Jesus. Portray Jesus as a homosexual! Let see how they react and use the same excuse for our disrespectful behavior and hide behind free speech.

Earth people should use their free speech and give them back some revelations of their truth. In this regard is how I will deal with the pickaniny issue.

I also have memories of the terms used for white girls. Those nasty ass cum suckers, because they always come stiffen around looking to suck an indigenous male penis, who was foolish enough to let them, or they were called winches. In other words they were considered as vampires, they hunt brothers to suck life out of them.

I confronted her about the pickaninny issue. She took it lightly again, so I asked her how does it feel when I say my people call white girls winches and nasty ass cum suckers. So every time I see one of you I should call you some ethnic slurs, so the next time you call me a ethnic slurs as pickaninny I will refer to you as the ethnic slur of winch and a nasty ass cum sucker, because that what some of my elders thought of you when they saw you.

Of course she said she did not care, but the point got across. She didn’t feel as free with her free speech to use ethnic slur to refer to my heritage .

Now, normally I would not use this demeaning prejudice to call a foreigner women, because it is there nature. Normally we don’t hold them accountable to their nature, as a result we are losing ours and dying because of it…..

The time is Now for change.

Well I had more to report but I wrote enough for now, I miss everyone and will be back soon, April 1st is our Earths new year. Take the time to reflect and remember the planet Earth is our allegiance. We will have our annual online celebration on Sunday April 5th,@3pmest. Everyone is invited.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine