Belize Update Dec 2017

Aquechewa everyone, Well it’s time for Adventures in Belize.

 I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I  continue   my  journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature.

The travel to Belize by plane is always a grueling experience. I got to Belize on November 30th  in the early afternoon, I missed the 1pm express to Punta Gorda, so I had to take the finale bus to Punta Gorda at 3:30 pm arriving in Punta Gorda by 9 pm. The express bus is  an  old greyhound bus, the bus only stops and pick up people at major junctions. I arrived at night in PG. When I got off the bus someone passed me by and welcomed me back. As I walked I saw people I knew and they greeted me,  warmly welcome back,  I knew I was at my second home.

Let the adventure and learning begin, I checked into the local hotel, I wanted to go to Jammas, a restaurant a brother from Harlem built on his Earth. The place is a masterpiece. He built his restaurant on the third floor of his house complex. The restaurant has a bay leave roof. Which keeps it very cozy, he made swinging tables to eat on, he has  satellite hook up so he gets all the United States and international channels. I love eating there, the food is like fast food finest  only it is in Belize, chicken and vegetarian burgers  with a variety of combinations, home fries, and specialty drinks.

I don’t think there is a place like his anywhere in the country. When I looked at the time it was late and I wasn’t sure they would be open on a Thursday night. So I went to the Chinese’s place and got a order of fried chicken. When I stay again  overnight in PG I will make it a point to go to Jammas.

I was anxious to get home. I got up early ,it was Friday and everybody comes out on Friday to buy fresh produce for the weekend. People in the community also make all kinds of goodies to sell. Mrs Ann my neighbor also sell’s in town on Friday, I did not want to miss her. She makes the best in town tamales’  cooked from scratched the old fashion way , they are cooked in leaves.. She arrives around 7 am  and she is sold out by 10 am. Mrs Ann was waiting to see me, the word had gotten out I was coming so people were expecting me. I was late, they also knew my husband David had just passed, so they were just glad to see me..

The Refrigerator

 Once I  found Mrs Ann, her sister Olive was with her. People here are very close knit, everyone related to the bloodline in Kinfolk. Ms. Olive informed me ,Today is the Black Friday sale.. I was so elated, I was waiting for this sale to come to buy a refrigerator from the states.. I like the refrigerators from the state because they are bigger and they do not frost up.. I knew there was a reason I made sure I got here before December. Mels annual black Friday sale. People  come from villages and towns around, waiting in lines , to catch this once a year event.  Everything you want to use in a house is sold here, everything is used, but in good condition. so the prices are reasonable. In earlier updates, I  wrote about living without a refrigerator, how  I learned  you really don’t need one. You eat only what you need , I learned most of the stuff we refrigerate does not need refrigeration, it last longer if it is not put in the refrigerator,  however, I would like the freshly made watermelon juice to last more than a few hours, putting  it in the refrigerator keeping it chill would be wonderful or keeping the watermelon chilled, until used  would be a nice touch added to paradise. I could buy  bigger  sized fish have them cut into steaks and store the fish steaks in the freezer, allowing me to make Conch fritters, fish panadas,, I can make fresh key lime pie no bake, Wow. .

Olive said  “ It is going on right now, it started at 8am it is now 10:30, you better go  before everything is gone” I asked Ms Ann was she looking for anything special at the sale ,she was interested in washer machines, ok, I will be back an ran off. The line was shorter, but the cashier lines was out the door . People everywhere, I quickly found the refrigerator section  there were only a few left that weren’t sold. There price ranges were from 650 to 1500 bze. There was a  big silver late model two door with the freezer  at the bottom for 1500bze, or 750.00 US. I like others was looking at that one. It was nice, To keep a refrigerator  on hold you had to put a deposit on it. I was ready to give a deposit,  then I thought do I really need something that big,  Now that  I know how to live without a refrigerator, I really don’t need something so big, I really need more freezer capacity.  I also didn’t want to pay  more than 500 US. So , I let it go ,and looked  again at the white double door Kenmore for 750.00 bze or 350.00 US, it was not too big and not too small and not so expensive…So I  bought it before some else did. Wow, what a morning , I came back just in time, I have a new addition to add to the the Luk Makoo complex. I was ready to go home, I caught my unusual bus and went home.


The Status of Luk Makoo

When I arrived home the place was cleared and look very pretty. The house was ok, the drains looked fine as if they were working well.  So far so good. I opened the door and the place  was empty, dusty, but for the most part untouched, I was so elated, to know I am accepted in the community, they did not robb the place. I cleaned the place up , everything I had cleaned and packed away before was  smelly . so I decided instead of washing by hand to take everything to the laundry in PG, to the  cost of 42.00 bze to clean.. I mentioned to  Jada the laundry attendant about the smell. She laughed and explain the smell was the smell of Belize. Everyone complains of the smell, but  you do not smell it when you here, it creeps into everything, even your stored food.. the curtains had spots on them, I found out it is because of the rain. Wow, Nature leaves its mark.

As I am writing this update, I have so much fresh food to eat. Mr Collis the  Agree Culture farmer, brings me fresh coconut water almost everyday. The garden was growing mustards and the Chai Tree has fresh new leaves, I also have two papaya trees growing in my garden and 2 tall okra plants, Wild onions, and two  large squash from the garden was waiting for me. Wow, The tress I planted were still alive, and this year I intend to continue building paradise, I  will expand the vine garden and plant more variety of squash, I will also expand the planting of trees., all in all Life is good here.

Learning to live in Belize is my Life school house, here you learn by doing, being a part of. This is what is missing in the states, people just want to  see then receive. Life does not work that way.  You must be a part of creation to receive creation production. There is an exchange of energy. This is what our people is missing how to work with  Life energy.

Benefits of living in Natural buildings.

Many  sisters and brothers have bad perceptions about living with a Natural building, they think they will be missing something , They never consider they are already missing something a healthier  Life experience.

One of the benefits to Building your own Natural house, is you can fix it, without much problem. You apply more creativity, therefore no one can steal anything from you, you made it once you can make it again.. You have the know how… there is no fear of want and no Mortgage to  keep robbing you…

 I love living in the Luk Makoo house. I sleep better in the natural house than the housed built in the States, I also feel the  beds we use to sleep may not help.

I have noticed the difference. I feel when I am living in West Virginia vs Living in Belize.

West Virginia is very beautiful, the air is fresher and I feel the energy outside, but I do not feel the energy flowing inside the house, I am quite sure it is because of the shape. To facilitate energy flow, I keep all the windows and the doors open. Yet, I feel best on the deck, in a covered location but open.

I love living in West Virginia better than living in the houses in the cities. The houses may look nice, but they do not feel nice. Often times I can’t breath in them.. Hotels are even worst. Sleeping in the states  is like going thru the motions of sleep with out getting any real sleep. Indigenous people are not meant to live in Tombs nor live inside closed boxes. Many people lock themselves in their houses only to find themselves dying in them.

The Luk Makoo House

The house made of Clay in Belize, I feel just as good inside as outside. I have a deeper sleep, My eyes feel better. Afew days after sleeping here I  starte to feel deeply rested. Calm, relaxed, I  start waking up soon after daybreak and my body shuts down3-4-hours after sundown. My body goes t o sleep giving me a complete 8 hours rest cycle. Currently I am waking around 6am central, I  have found- the best time to build life energy is in the morning and to disperse energy  or exercise in the evening before you rest. I also realize I like living in the Luk Makoo house better than the current houses in West Virginia. I feel better.

 So I will build a  Luk Makoo house in West Virginia

 I am amazed again, how the wealth in Life is not in the perception of rich living of the world.

Simply  put “ Primitive is the wealthiest way to go………


Life Loves “ Me”

There was a terrible incident  not to far from Luk Makoo.  I was told about an elderly Maya woman house was robbed and she was cut and raped… the assailants may be from around the area, but nobody knows who….I was informed , “ I should be carefull. The lady lived alone, their may be men in the night looking to rob houses of single ladies. …”

At first it sounded strange, there are no  elderly Maya females living alone. They live with their children around them, but I was alarmed, how far is she from me I asked?

I was told she lived right up the hill, I wondered why Ms Ann did not mention this to me, maybe because I had not seen  Ms Ann yet.

I was told “ I better be on the look out… “

After hearing the news, I felt uneasy, I had to ask myself, what does this mean?

I quickly informed the person telling me this horrible news,, about the police coming here to use my entrance driveway as  a check point, to search cars and trucks for drugs. They come at night without warning, I would not make a good target…

The whole conversation left me feeling concerned… I thought I better stop slacking off on my life rituals and candle burning.. I have not kept up with keeping my candles  lit as I used too.  I  always feel a big difference too..

Then I began to think, I lived here in the bush for over a year and a half now. Last November 2016 I came to a house that was almost completely destroyed and completely flooded with 3 ft of standing water, 8 walls completely missing and 4 badly damage. The site was completely open, I put up my tent, and stayed in the open, yet I knew and felt completely secure  Living under the  Bay leaf roof the house completely disappears at night.. Today the sugarcane has grown over 10ft high, it blocks the complete visibility of the  entrance  to the house from the lower street below.  You would never know the place exist. A completely private paradise……

Would life let someone hurt me, . I never though about this before.  I have travelled all over the world alone, I have lived in other places, I never had fear. I never had duoght Am I doing everything Life wants me to do….

All of a sudden I felt a sense of fear. Fear is a feeling I don’t live with anymore.  Giving into fear breeds  more fear. When you think you will get robbed, then you will  it into creation  an alter reality.

Since I have come to Beleize, I have never had to dear anyone… The Life journey has been filled with new learning experiences and filled with angels along the way. Yes I have had challenges, but I have wanted for nothing. Everything I needed has been provided for. The community has embraced me with open arms. Life has placed me at the perfect spot, to some I am their angel too. So, why would that change? NOW!!! “UUUHmmmmmm “ I pondered. I had Edward my helper  file the machete, I  am learning to use better.

Edward is  clay plastering the walls the recipe we created is make them look smooth, he is doing a nice job with the final touches.

That day I did not workout as planned instead I went to the store, I was coming home from the store, now it was dark and I saw a light running towards me, I was not sure if it was a bike or someone.  I found myself moving to the side, trying to get out of the light, so I ducked into the dark surroundings, thinking the light would no longer expose me, the light would pass me by, to my surprise they saw  where I was standing and stopped. It was a young man running  with a headlight on. He spoke to me. Startalled ,that he saw me, he stated that he saw I was getting out of the light ,  was I scared ,have I heard what happened to the woman on the hill, who lived alone, her house was robbed and she was rape. I should not venture anywhere alone.. I felt  why is he telling me this. I found myself feeling defensive. I told him I will be alright I am not alone.

I tried not to think about it, but all kinds of horrible thoughts ran through my mind…. I went to bed, What would I do?, what would I say? If someone wanted my passport, money or credit cards.

Should I hide my stuff just in case… I also remembered the  last time  I hid my  driver license and credit cards, I forgot where  I hid them. To this day I  do not know where they are. It was more hassle than it was worth having to replace them.

Since then I do not hide stuff so I can’t find them. I remember when my car was broken into. I forgot and left the money in the car. The person broke into the car to get the radio and failed to see the money sitting on the seat… he did not get the radio or the money, just made a mess.. I laugh, I knew he had a wild experience a really bad night….lol

 Anyway, I started to fell perplexed. Life  has always protected me, why stop now. Life loves me . I need to learn what really happened. I got my prayer book. And said the 23rd indigenous psalm, I was tired now, my body is shutting down, but my mid was still imagining this terroristic event happening to me. I got up and got the machete and put it by my bed. I realized the house is not that easy to break into, if at all. I built security into the house Once it is closed it is secure, the window bars are built into the house. The only way into the house is to break down the front door and that can’t be done without making a lot of noise, giving me the advantage. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, said my evening prayer and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up from a deep sleep hearing the Coucoo birds, natures alarm clock LOL.. Everything is fine..

I gave thanks to mother father Earth. I knew I was protected. I am there baby!!

Edward came around 7:30 am to start the day. He is continuing plastering the walls. I was going to write this update, the morning progressed nicely, when I heard someone talking to Edward. It was one of the school teacher bringing his wife to  see me. I was surprised to see them. In our conservation I asked where they lived, they answered on the Hill, Really,,, We are the big house on the hill with the lights.. I asked did they hear about a woman who was robbed and raped, is she there neighbor. They answered ,they did not know of this incident.

I said: “Really”

 The  teacher laughed, yes there was an incident, it happened at his driveway. The woman was in a cab going  home to San Antonio. The man driving the cab robbed her. He was not from this area, he did not break into her house or rape her. Everything is ok

I said to myself; Life sent them this morning to give me a message.

Life wanted me to know the truth and explain what really happened. I feel elated – to have no doubts and no fear I am protected, as my life ship continues to be steady as she goes……


Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine