Belize Update.. Jan 2017/18

Aquechewa everyone, Well it’s time for Adventures in Belize.

 I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion

Follow up “ Life loves me”

I want to send thanks to all the people who liked the updates. As far as the robbery and rape incident, I haven’t   though about the incident anymore. I did ,however take it as a warning  for not forgetting as long as I stay being creative I will be alright. When I become a consumer and have  to many things, it will draw theft. Most people look at material things as personal possessions, however this is not true to the logic of emotions, if you did not create it or apply it to be used in a larger process of creating, then it is  considered something expendable.. People with a lot of expendables, often will attract people who will thieve then..

As long as I keep “Luk Makoo simply creative. I should not have any problems. I put some solar lights around the walkway to the front door, where it is completely private and will not draw attention at night.

The solar lights  at night allows the place to look simply elegant


Send more Pics!!

I  will send pics as soon as I get the camera. Unfortunately I left my personal bag   with the camera in it , in the states. LOL I know how can I forget my carry on, but I did, I said to myself , wow this must mean I don’t really need it. I have to create  what I need from the resources available to me  here.  So far I have, I am taking pictures from my phone, I have not learned how to Tran sphere them to the computer. If I learn before I complete this update I will include them if not, maybe next update for sure………

Ethnic Politics……

In Belize like in the states there social politics, an artificial tugawar of attitudes applied to different groups of people  that is the foundation for how  collective dominance or submission is maintained. In Belize  politics are more ethnic than racial. In Belize it appears there is no  racial disharmony, as though most of the people are of color…, However it is through  attitudes towards  different ethnic  heritage (females) that keep the tugawar  between ethnic and gender social dominance in place….. The social culture created by the British caste system is still in full effect today….

The social culture established in Belize is cognate to  passive ethnic genocide. Watching the social  political, dynamics as an outsider is very interesting. Maneuvering around and thru the ethnic and gender politics dynamics, brings quite a few challenges.

In  an earlier update I explained the  dynamics I witnessed between the different  ethnic groups of men.

Now, that more Indigenous people are coming to live in Belize from the States. They come running from the racism they experience in the States, ignoring the social culture functioning in Belize, because of this grave mistake, they often are disappointed   with the outcomes.

To better explain my point……

Last visit I wrote about the young sister from NY who opened a restaurant in town,, when I came back 6 months later, I hoped she still would be open, even though I saw grave mistakes made by ignoring  the dynamics of ethnic politics. Now somewhat disillusioned by  having to fold..

Most brothers and sisters who come from the states see themselves in the  social caste position as being indirectly  the same as the  WHITES     To the Belizeans , yes, we are outsiders, but we are not considered WHITE. We are different Negros than the Negros of Belize( Creol)- but not superior caste as the Whites. And the sane stigmas are applied to Sisters from the states as  with all  Negro females of America…

Here the caste system is –

All whites support whites and a few Chinese.

Mennonites-  Immigrant Germans- these people have nothing to do with the people of color in Belize, they  are socially closed.  Example: they will ride the bus with the other people, but will not sit with them. They use the Belizean people as there consumers only. Merchant class

Spanish mixed-  Descendants of  Spanish Europeans. Merchant class

 Chinese- These people have nothing to do with the people  Merchant class


Negro-Creole- Indigenous male – men who participated in the  British slave trade, but not white or mixed.- work for government

Cooley East Indian- immigrant- descendants of females slaves from the depopulation of India.  (house slaves ). They have  integrated into the merchant class, education and government.

Garifuna-  Indigenous female collective, settled here after the  British invasion of St. Vincent island. But before the establishment of British  Belize- work for government-  consumers

Mestitio Asian ----immigrant descendants from female  slave deposited from Asia – (peasant slaves) local labors, cheap labor.

Then there is the females

 The merchant class females have nothing to do  or say to the females of color..

The east Indian females   feel they are superior to the  other females of color especially the Negro and Garifuna females.  Yet , these females  are always marring Negro or Garifuna   men, when they can’t get their own. And there men are always chasing Negro or Garifuna females.

The Asian females stay to themselves and their men stay with them. But they to will sleep with Negro men. However,  it is regarded as a crime in the community and the females who get pregnant by other races of  men. They are beaten and  expelled from the community.. they are considered  females of no respect or concubines…

The stigma of  no respect or concubine is also applied to Al  females of America. Whether you are Garifuna or Negro,  being from the states, gives you a little more wiggle room.  For the most part the sisters down here go thru the same brutality from prejudice as the sisters in the states. If you carry the blood of America, you are stigmatized, the tugawar is against you. This harsh reality is the same where ever you go.  Everyone know America is ours, and everyone knows our Earth with America is being denied  and robbed from us. Anybody who is living on America, will not do anything to strength the people with America.

When the young sister opened a much need eatery,  with very  tasty and creative dishes,  the Negro community came to visit  when it opened, but  the east Indian community ,  Maya, Garifuna,, merchant class, did not.. the people with the money… they only support whites and their own.

She was left with mainly the  few tourist, . she could not understand why the much larger community did not support her.  2nd Her prices were high, most people do not go out to eat because all the females cook at home. Entertainment is at home..  Dinning or eating outside the home is a European  culture practice. 

 The men eat out  and the  females eat  foods for on the go once in a while

Even so, they will not support a Negro female, that is taboo!!!! She was perplexed  by the social politics ., she found out  about the  allegiance people had to their  female collective power. They will sell to you but not buy  from you. She supports everybody.. she felt everyone should think like her. In contrast our people will support anyone,

 If we want to create a economy we have to support our culture, and supply the  products needed for  our life support ourselves with each other first.. There will not be any extra support from anyone else..  we have no allegiance to know one. As a result no one has one to us


The Hammock Bed.

Well I finally had my bed made. I have been sleeping  on the floor for quite some time now, and believe it or not, really like it. I made a very comfortable bed on the floor. . I think better and have a very restful sleep.  I  heard about the hammock bed, I rest in a hammock every day, hammocks are great to.  These primitive  ways of  sitting are very emotionally calming. I can draw in a hammock and enjoy  the  complexity  of nature in its simplicity. A  Catche man in the village makes all kinds of  furniture including beds.  He told me about the beds  the Maya sleep on, he said they were like hammocks just in a  flat bed shape.

 If I bought the wood  for a fee he would build the bed,, finally I may be able to get the benefits of both worlds. I like being close to the ground but not on the ground. Lets try   a stick hammock bed.  (Include pics).  The bed  frame was wood, but the  inner bed was made out of string. The bed looked very  strong., the strings went in both directions..  to give the bed a added twist he added  a  stick headboard. The first night  sleeping  on the bed I sunk into it, I tried to fit into it.  The bed sank in the middle, like a hammock, so I let my body sink into it. I knew this bed was going to give me problems, My Neck hurt after the first night, my lower back the next night, by the 5th  night every part of my body was in pain.   The strings were taunt but loosening, I knew this bed was going to get looser in a short amount of time.  I have to abandon my idea. THIS IS NOT WORKING.  Well, back to the drawing board. I know sleeping in hammocks is a wonderful experience, I have seen so many people stop sleeping in  flat beds after sleeping in one. I will have to fine a hammock bed that is long enough to comfortably fit me. Until then, my version of  hammock bed will have to be converted into a regular one…….

  It’s Cold

Wow, I was wondering why the weather has been so coooold,  . The sun has not shown for at least 2 weeks, it has been mentioned it is so gloomy. I have come to Belize for years and everyday sun, sun, sun,. even if it rains, for a hour the sun comes out. Not untl  2 years ago, I experienced a day that was completely cloudy, Last year I experienced not only completely cloudy days, but  rainy too. The sun would come  and go, then rain again. Since the last week in December, the weather has been getting worse. First the rain and then the cool  and then the cold. A breeze swept in that  felt  fidget cold. I never felt anything like that before,  Ice cube cold. People who had coats put them on, I know that it can get cold in January down here, but  it only drops to the 60’s, I am ok with that. But this cold felt very different., the air was making my fingers cold. . It was the air, and the breeze kept on coming.  I felt cold.,  I went to check what is going on in the upper half of America.  I saw the storm and I knew it would have an effect down here …. Due to the gloomy  skies, it is effecting people, the minute it looks like the sun will come out and dry everything out , people go a scurrng to get a move on things.  Once the sun leaves, everything slows down. Including  business . It is still more comfortable here than being in 0 to minus 0 weather, but having gloomy weather poses its  challenges too.

I like others pray for the sun again. and look forward to the sunny days…….

Earthquake near Belize

I know by now most of you have heard about the Earthquake in the Caribbean. The 7.6 earthquake sent a tsunami warning throughout the Caribbean sea coast, including the coastal areas of Belize. A radio and phone text was sent   to all coastal towns in Belize, this included Punta Gorda  and neighboring villages,. The message sent  by the prime minister of Belize, told everyone they has less than an hour to move to higher ground, evacuate the coast.

Around 10:30 pm  that night, I was snuggled in my bed, sleeping with rambling thoughts, when I heard  a  sound, it sounded like a bird call, but it wasn’t, I felt it. My senses immediately  became alert, . I said to myself, it is probably nothing, but wait and see, still  physically sleep, I heard it again, my senses made me pop out of the bed and look for my machete. I quickly  quietly started looking to see what happening outside, when I heard car doors slam, then voices, then voices of children. I said to myself HUUUH ok, what’s this?????

I peaked out my window, and then went outside, Outside of my walkway, was a car full of people  a total of 6 people 4 adults and 2 small children.  They were responding to  the tsunami  alert to move  to higher ground.

They  informed me of the quake and the tsunami alert.  My phone did not ring, I live in the Maya Mountains, my house did not shake. I felt nothing…

I thought wow!!! How wonderful  it is having Life as your  guardian. When I was looking at  Earth spots in Belize. I was told by Life consciousness not to be on the coast or directly next to a river.. The location I have is Perfect. Luk Makoo is  depending on the direction 11 to 18 miles from the coast, as though water does not follow mans direction, I am at lease 11 miles from the  direct coast.  . when I found this spot of Earth. I was told I should also   use it as a shelter, a place where people could  come to get out of harms way. The house is elevated, but there is an higher spot about 100 feet above the house that would be where a shelter could be built. Since then I have looked at the  lay of the Earth where I am located. I realized,  My neighbors and I are nestled on top of high hills, while the village is actually below us..

The people got out of there car and everybody piled in. this is the first group of people to bunk up here. The outside is done, but the interior is still under construction. .

I  didn’t realized I was in my night  shirt., I was basically still asleep,  my brain was shut down.. My hair was not neat, I had started to take out my corn rolls, when I got tired and went to bed. As though no one lives with me. Appearance is not a big concern. I looked  quite  interesting to be nice  I do not use modern conveniences  here,  I collect everything my body makes,  there is no waste, except for plastic goods, and I do not accumulate plastic  to much. Once a week, I take the plastic I accumulate and take it to the dump. Living in Brazil taught me  not to make waste. A whole family of 5 would not make  enough waste to fill a Walmart shopping bag. Everything organic goes back to be recycled into life. All non organics is used to facilitate life process. There I saw what a beautiful and purpose filled the process of  life  really is. When I came back to the states, I saw the opposite, how we are constantly being influenced to collect inorganic  waste.  I found when I stopped going to the supermarket, inorganic waste almost completely disappeared.

Now, I have the refrigerator, filled with juice and  fruit waters.  That’s all I had to offer as though I  am just starting to make coked food in bulk. I am finding ways to completely become a Earth enthused eater.  Creating food from what is available to me. From nature. Nature is my supermarket…

The first thing we did was check the internet for weather updates, but there was none, However, I did not feel we were in jeopardy,  I took the experience as a wake up call to be  prepared  for when it does happen. They asked could they spend the night. At first glance I don’t   have accommodations for them. And then I though of  how we could make do. Low and behold.  I pulled out the queen size air mattress, then I though a couple could sleep in the Loft on the twin  foam cushion bed, the hammock, the lounge chairs, . I had one blanket, they brought a blanket and pillow. 

Next thing I knew, we had figured out how everyone could sleep, crude but  safe.. I realized  the next time I come  I  should bring down some extra airbeds and blankets, I already have a tent here . We did it, everyone   made it thru the night. Now , how am I going to feed them.  I got some GRITS,  .sardines fish and okra on the vine. Crude but filling. 

The next morning, we saw everything was fine.  Actually  , the alert was cancelled by the time they arrived at my house.  Wow, the power of perception, they could have went home, but instead they got over there fear of the bush and bunked out in the Maya mountains. I thanked them for coming and being the first guest at the Luk Makoo house. Don’t hesitate to stop by again. Hopefully under better circumstances. LOL


Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine