Belize update Jan 2017*18

Aquechewa again everyone.,  I heard how tough  the weather has been, I  can imagine how stressful it has been.  I know that you are persevering  with the changes , the weather has been crazy here too.  I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion.

Relationships in Belize

I am often amazed at the family  relationships I see every day here.

Mothers loving there daughters,  mothers training their daughters in nurturing the families they too  will one day  have.

My neighbor has the only community store in Mafredi, the shop sells items needed  in everyday use, example eggs, lighters,  shortening, flour, sugar, salt. Etc.  When I first came to Mafredi I met he mother, she minded the store everyday,  The daughter and grandchildren helped ,I started to notice over the next 3 years that the mother was in the store but not running the store anymore, the transition was so seamless,

I  started to see the daughter more and more behind the counter. I noticed the mother was slowing down. So the daughter automatically took up the slack. When the mother started  slowing down , the daughter started filling in.. The mother died last year in January. I was surprised when  she passed as though I spoke to  her the evening before she died. I found it fascinating how  the daughter had completely taken over the responsibility of  the store , and insuring   the substance income to the family from the store will continue. When the mother died every thing was alright. The Paton has successfully passed, life of the blood will go on. She could go now. It has been a year now  since she passed, the year memorial was last weekend., her grave site was cleaned, she was buried right behind the house.  Food was cooked for an all night party in her honor and memory. . Since the mother died I noticed  I see more of the granddaughter  working the store, she watches quietly everything the mother does, she is in training,  I never see her upset  over watching the store, Her mother started a dinner for the truckers that travel the road,   so while her mother is cooking at the dinner she  fills the  orders that might come into the store. I  always see her ready to jump in and do whatever  needs to be done.  She is now in the position her mother once was in. I see pride in her from taking this grown up responsibility. She likes makeup and would like to pursue cosmology, but not at the expenses  of the family security.

Over the years I have watched the girls in the community grow. The girls standing with their  mothers helping their mothers.  In this regard I will share this story

 I  walked in one day to see if she restocked, instead of buying eggs from town I give my support to the store. I buy what I can from them. I saw the mother with the assistance of her daughter making donuts to sell to the children after school. They worked with each other so smoothly, no attitudes, daughter fully engaged,  Working in unity understanding the store is their (females) livelihood. It is through the  store, that allows her mother to pay for her to continue  school to finish high school.

Another neighbor has six daughters, I watch every day the girls carrying clay jugs of water for cooking and drinking from the fresh water  stream we share to their house ,on their heads. It looks like a step latter from the  oldest to the youngest who is about six.

All the mothers show the daughters everything they do as females for the nurturing of their families. They know how to   create what they need directly from the Earth around them. They can cook with the fire heart, t o making diapers for the baby out of leaves.

The females here  value themselves as females and  so they value themselves as mothers, as a result they have and show care compassion and concern, for their daughters.

Talking as a mother to another mother, I am amazed how I don’t hear any contempt, anger, resentment . Most of the females raise the children as families with or without the father present. In the states this would be called single motherhood.

The biggest difference here is, if the mothers do not live in the shelter provide by the fathers, then they live with their families at home. The piece of  Earth belonging to there family…

Most families here have a piece of Earth to live with. The mothers bring their children back HOME. Their  is no talk of illegitimate, legitimate children.. Most females have children by more than one father.

Motherhood starts at the normal times here, most girls will be mothers before they are 20 years old. They are grandmothers by the time they are 40 years old. This is the norm… In most countries people are proud of the fact their bloodline life is flourishing into the future. They are proud grandmothers,  even though daughters come home with children…

When that happens the daughter  starts  to take the lead responsibility from the mother as though  the mother trained her well. The mother can now start to step back and lends a hand of support.

Watching the different generations co-exist in one house. I never hear of  their being a problem of the daughter having to leave with the children.

The daughter knows what is their mothers will be theirs one day and if life willing be passed down to the next  generations..

 I found this interesting how keeping these principles keep security of the family strong and value for  belonging to a network of bloodlines.

 In contrast ,when I think about our people, most of our females have no respect for the bloodline they carry ,  or see themselves as serving a greater purpose , and even less for their children. We  as females of America  living in the States do not teach  our children how to nurture each other, or support them in developing values of self respect for  the mothers bloodline to the children, most sisters tell there children nothing about their bloodline, who are they, where do our children belong on the Earth. Most people look at the females before then as  animals who lack the intelligence to know basics about their nature and self respect. We are quick to trash our heritage in favor of the lies told by the men who’s blood can not give Life.  Instead  families stigmatize their young females for  continuing the life of their bloodline   and abandoned them when they have children and we despise them if they come home. Witnessing the mother daughter relationships here exposes the  horrible  emotional corruption of our nature. And gives me validation to  support  the change of our  attitudes towards relationships with each other in order   to  save our bloodlines save our life with Earth….

Follow up  “ The  Hammock Bed”

In the last update. I shared the beautiful  hand made bed I had built  made of hammock strings.. Well, the bed is not giving me the  enough body support. I woke up  after a few nights in  pain, I am not used to not sleeping well, boy, you really lose the steam you need to accomplish  your goals of the day.  Feeling slugest is no joy!!!. Well I am going to transform the bed into a platform bed, I ‘ll keep you posted….


 Earth Cleansing: The. power of Water.

Well as you know ,  it has rained here a awful lot, and at times hard, keeping the temps low and the place damp. The  stream and pond  situated in the back of the property  is in continuous flux of fast  moving muddy water. Well , I was finally able to get down to see it, and to wash my hair, To my surprise, the floor of the stream was completely clear of debris, Even the large  tree logs that were lying at the bottom of the stream completely gone. All  there was left was sand and small snail shells, and I mean a lot of them.  The logs were removed from the stream and were laying on the  top side of the embankment ,at least 3-5 feet higher than they were in the stream. The water was silky and clear.   Even the rocks were clean. As I looked around, I did not see any  dead tree limbs hanging around, , they were gone too.  I don’t know how the logs were moved by the water, but the stream was completely cleansed of debris including  my mat, soap and bucket. However, the bucket that had my clothes to wash in it was still there. I prayed and asked the water not to take my things, I was ready to expect the worst, but to my joyful surprise the bucket was still there. I don’t know how the steam was cleansed of the heavy trees, but not my bucket. It was like the maid came to clean up,  the place was fresh with green leaves, it looked like a section of paradise with a bucket.. As I said my prayer in the water. I wondered to myself di the water get my message about the clothes.  Wow I chuckled , I gave it a kiss for not  taking the bucket.

 Productive Living vs Living for entertainment

 Living through emotion is very different than  living  for entertainment. You wake in the morning with ideas of how to create.  “ that is if you get a  restful night sleep”, the day is full of movement , building into a peak energy  flow, then it starts to wither  down, to a point of idling. I find that during the day  energy generation flows fastest  in early morning – to about 12 pm, after 12pm you should take a break to regenerate for at least 3 hours and continue thru dusk.  I find after 1 pm energy draws down,  active creativity does to. Mental activity may still be active, but emotional energy to implement  mental energy is  slow.  You forget what you are doing and  multitasking focus becomes harder.

However, being aware of  how energy flows can  take a lot of stress from living, I find I rest more. The mind is always going, thinking and I am realizing this is not good. Our intellect ( computer) needs to shut down too. That’s where entertainment comes in, I find if I stay on the computer to long, when I rest, my mind does not, it rambles on and on and on. I am afraid  many people are going to have brain dehydration, they think to much,  instead or creating. I made my clay mix for making  clay ware. I found when I did it. My mind stops rambling.  Unfortunately I have been ingesting a smoking blend I created, this time I added lose tobacco   . I found I was smoking it a lot, my nicotine   addiction kicked right in,  Next thing I knew I could not stop the rambling of the  brain.,  I knew I have to stop smoking but the addiction now in full  emotional effect  was  triggering me  to continually smoke  more.  I soon felt my emotional energy drain, I stopped building energy, instead I started   watching entertainment, living thru watching  artificial  enactments of  other people  emotional lives.  I found time, that was once under my control now passing.. Time is actually a measurement of emotional usage.  The more emotionally creative you are being productive the less time you use, the more time you have. The more intellectual time  you use without action, the more emotional  energy you use so time  moves faster, You lose time when you are  using the  intellect  without emotional  movement-creation.. I have seen this for quite a while. I have many testimonies about stopping time individually or collectively, Time is a power. Entertainment drains it. I know elders here that will not watch movies, When they told me that at first ,I  asked why?, they respond  I don’t have time to give to it. At first I thought , ok, they don’t have the attention span to sit through one. But they do watch tv,  but they also are moving and doing something, it is never there primary focus use of time.   As I go thru learning how emotions work they are right, All forms of entertainment that do not include movement drain your emotions not build them. Emotions is power.  Entertainment is a form of CONTROL.

Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine