Belize Update  February 2017/18

Aquechewa again everyone  I hope everyone is ready for more adventures with me as I continue   my journey into the discovery of living with our planet Earth. Living thru our Life Nature  or Emotion.    These writings I share are unedited for the most part, I find if I get into writing as a production takes me out of focus and uses a lot of time . I prefer to stay in the flow… of  discovery and  experience of adventure….


Living in Paradise

Many people have mentioned to me , Why has it taken a long time to build and complete the Luk Makoo house? I ask myself this question also, then I  see why.

Every year life shows me more details  of what it is to build, how building is more than  creating a structure, building is the important foundation for a people’s ability toward self- preservation,  unity,  and self- determination, it is the foundation of the Masculine aspect of  Power.

 The journey to Belize embarked on learning how to rebuild paradise, it  starts with building the Luk Makoo House. Creating shelter is the first steps, the shelter is the constant anchor needed for  use in the nurturing of the Life systems living around you. It is the base.. Nurturing the living systems around us is our exchange with the life of the Planet Earth.  The masculine aspect  is the base.

Every year paradise becomes more present, I learn more skills and gain  more insights about how life duality actually works and I see how we have become the people who no longer serve  the purpose  for nature in our paradise of America today.

Returning to the knowledge of creating thru nature is a living process. It cannot be learned in books or watching a video. It is an experience, the more diverse the experiences you have the more life skill you acquire.  The  educational system we use today removes us from that.

 The process is slow in the beginning.  Yet, the practice I have gotten, gives me a sense of accomplishment in the skills I inadvertently acquired, giving me  an  experiential knowledge base.

Now I am learning the interior development of building. The people disappeared after the outer  walls completion, the interior was plastered, the drains secured  for the most part the house is  secure, safe and comfortable to live in.

Since the last week in December, the building journey came to a halt. I realized the development of the building has outgrown the level of development with the men helping me . The men knew this, they did not see a need for then, so they disappeared, but left me ok… it was very subtle how the energy shifted. The men I knew have met the needs I had. The needs I have now are on another level. They never spoke a word. I have grown fond of my brothers. I felt like a princess under a protective shield of feathers on wings. Seeing them almost everyday, giving me advice, sharing their knowledge experience, exposed the hidden process of building life physically thru intellect.

Now, I am on another level,   since I have started this project,  the principle of the  primary school next door principle Nolberto has   watch and helped in  the process of the building. He is the head foreman   quietly  behind scenes.  Principle Nolberto is a master builder himself, he has  a very high level of developed skills. The  more skills men develop from  building, the more they grow in their ability to build. Nolberto is skilled as  a carpenter , electrician, Cement , some pluming ,and furniture builder just to name a few.  I have come to trust his  guidance.

Since I have arrived back, people have steadily come to visit.   The exterior of the house and grounds look beautiful. But the interior is incomplete. Feeling stuck, I started to mudd the  interior walls myself.  The emotional flow within me, was not supporting the actions, so I stopped. This is the year I am only following what my emotions  guide me to do.

I have learned when my intellect over rides the emotional flow  message. I  will have made a mistake, and  experience loss as the consequences.. it never fails  I am pretty secure in the understanding if the emotional flow are not supporting the intellect, it is not time, there is more hidden details to it… Moving slower has enabled me to see different levels of details clearer and stop a lot of  waste of money in mistakes. Whenever I jump the gun, I lose, I have learned from Belize to really live with patience.

 For the last 5 weeks it has been rainy and cool to cold, with only a few days of sun. Now completely frustrated  at the brink of tears… I shared with Nolberto my frustration over the urgency to finish the interior, for more and more people are coming to  visit me and the house. Now, the house always had the basic electricity, but  was not complete with the convenience of  lighting fixtures and out lets conveniently available. I  shipped café lights and rope lights down from the States to add  soft  ambiance to the interior. The café lights for the outdoor dining area, and the rope lights for the interior living room area. .   I still needed someone to  finish the house., make it showcase ready.  I realized, I am entering another but higher level of building development. One I really have no frame of reference for. Nolberto came and finished most of  the electrical . However ,the floors have to be sealed and much more.  I have noticed that the Spanish men have  more comprehensive  building skills and competency .  However, most of them come from Guatemala and speak Spanish in which I am not fluent.

 After Nolberto   finishes putting up the lights and the outlets in.

 Wow, with the added light the place moves from simple to a little more complex. I see I have to be careful  that I do not ruin the simplicity of the  creation.   Nolberto, suggested he knew some people , if available could work for me, but they were not available, then he suggested a Spanish man who I could  contract to do the work,  however, he does not speak  English, but Nolberto does and he would supervise the project.  I said to myself Ah haaa, life had me bring my Rosetta Stone  language learning software   for  Latin Spanish.  I needed someone to talk to in Spanish, now I do. I can really have a reason  to learn this language, the emotions of it and get the house interior done.. Since then I have  ran into two more Spanish speaking men who are builders, but now they can speak some English too.

Wow, I have my homework from life. I have no excuse but to learn Spanish….. When life opens the doors for new experiences- it pours !

I am ready!!!!!!!. Come on down for a ride in the experience.


Until next time, Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine, I will check in soon to fill you in on the adventures with RaDine