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In 1995 Quantum Leap Spiritual Store located on Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, Georgia, owner Rev. RaDine Amen-ra opened its doors to the public.

The Store operated as an international religious store selling candles, oils, spiritual accessories for traditional non-religious practices, and offered consultation in the application of spiritual remedies for LIFE in crisis.

Store Motto “ Don't Let the Devil beat You down”

The store quickly found itself confronting a huge crisis within the psyche of the general public , specifically within the black American community. People came from all over Georgia, all walks of life to the store in life crisis looking for help and relief. Soon the store was being dubbed a Spiritual Hospital. The Atlanta Constitution dubbed the store ” A beacon of Light for Ponce De Leon Ave”. due to the phenomenon happening at night at the store. Many people of the night would touch where the candle was lit in the store front window and say their prayers before working at night to have a safe night .

By 1997, the demand for service became overwhelming and finding knowledgeable and experienced staff needed became important. Quantum Leap Spiritual Store expanded into Quantum Leap Spiritual Store & Life Center. The center offered a safe place where the community of black America could learn to develop a better understanding of themselves and life. People learned how to live with life instead of surviving through life. The center offered workshops in meditation, yoga, emotional healing, anger and rage release, Ancient life skills and techniques.

During this time at the center, the crisis with the heart of the people and the causes for the emotional disturbances actualizing within Life of so many people started to reveal itself. The problem revealed the Black American people are working against their life nature not with it. In order to stop the collective pain and suffering from the collective dying, it became imperative that black American people change their perceptions and perspective ( attitude) about life, embrace their truth of heritage belonging to the Earth, learn from the mistakes of the past, and grow with the Earth’s transformation that is taking place around them. It is time to Release the Cancer in Life consciousness.