Radio Shows

Jan 2020 -  Imperial New Year: What to look for. what are our solutions.  The Exodus begins 

June 2020 " Becoming Human" What does this mean for us ? Black Lives Matter- Really to who? Erasing racism or is it White washing the truth about what United States has done to kill America.

Sept 2020 ..The break-The United States is now America. What are the consequences toehe race indigenous to America for being erased as being a part of America. Standing for our Life Rights... Rebuilding life cycles... building community for America

April 2020 Activities and programs @ Yumwija & COVID-19 impacts on our people

July 2020: Supreme court just gave the Negro State of Oklahma to Native Americans. What does this mean?Values. Do we value our lives? The second wave of the purge of America. from America..

October 2020: Complicity How we support racism, andour destruction. What are the consequences of being Complicit? What is the solution... In the News:; Is Trump losing it.? Hunger in the US is real, and much more

May2020 Mothers Day - Solutions; what we can do to save our Life power to THRIVE!!!

August 2020 ..The rupture in the United States,is the US replacing America. Standing for our Life Rights... Our secret power of prayer.