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the hidden truth every black american woman should know

What is F.I.A.A.H.

What is Death.? America's people of the Earth understanding of Death

February 2017/18 What is the message from the United States to the People of America, What  are our options, what to do now?

June 2018 Fathers Day- What does it mean to be an Indigenous Male of Earth/ Is Barrenness the will of Good for some sisters., and much more.....

September 2018- Rebuilding our relationship with Life, each other and community

Humankind vs Mankind vs Artificial Intelligence AI , Where do we fit in this new emerging world. Treaty Rights and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples In the News - Deportation of Vietnam refugees in the United States

May 12, 2019 Let Set the Record Straight show Podcast. The Secret Grace from our Mothers, Can we have prosperity using life to live outside of its nature? and much more........

July 2019 -Indigenous People of America and the United States.Who qualifies to be indigenous to America. What is a Nation? and it status to the United States. Building indigenous communities. and much more.

November; Topic of discussion:  What does the United States owe black aka African American people? Have black Americans collectively become freeLoaders?  What do we owe the United States, Is it the U.S responsibility to Save our Life? In the News: Riots exploding all over the world.  The people are pushing back. Media Blackout  The Trump agenda?

Open Room

Where does America fit, in the United States.?

What we can do to secure ourselves from falling into homelessness.

Importance of Bloodline -December 2017

March 2017/18 : Topic of discussion:   Changing our individual Karma, investing in our future- stopping the crimes of the past from robing and destroying our future .

July 2018 the pursuit of the Degree, the safety net of Slavery., Homelessness among the well educated? What Now!!!

October 2018 Topics : Saving Our Lives, preparing for Change, What is Fascism? How selfishness Kills; Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day., America Heritage Outreach ministry what is it?

February 2019 Topics : How nature is effect us How your health?

June 2019 Topics : Fathers Day Tribute ,The Grace from our Fathers, The United States citizenship. the importance of a Passport

Civil Warfare against the indigenous People aka black America by the United States... Genocide through the food. Why are so many people are getting sick, what has to be done to keep your Life health? and much more

Dec 2019 The "Journey" How the indigenous movement began

Getting Out The System

5/14/2017 -We are America- UN Response

Hurricane Harvey- is our planet fighting back? What are we to do? -preparing for Change. and What is Disaster Capitalism?

What do life owe us? Is pregnancy a death sentence/ Erica Gardner- January - 2017/18

May 13, 2018- Investing in our future, Kayne West Genius or just common sense? Is Slavery a choice, Conversations w/ RaDine America

August 2018 -Live from the Indigenous Living Summit; Topic; Is Homosexuality Morale?

November 2018 -How the Moors as MEN were Defeated, What lead to their Destruction? Campfire blaze destroys the city of Paradise California Baby girl found dead in oven had been ‘stabbed and burned,’ Mississippi The elections, What changed or stayed the same?

New Bill HR1242 Commission to create new narrative for Amerindians into African Americans FIAAH 2019 Event and Acticities

2019 October: How do we live outside the financial system, building new communities with a different focus  IN the News Federal reserves pumping 300 billion into stock market for banks. No more money to run the economy.