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Quantum Leap S.L.C Publications offers a fundraising opportunity to uplift the thousands of wonderful causes that reach out to educate the Indigenous( Black) America Community, Quantum Leap S.L.C Publications will place the books on consignment to your organization.


                                           Consignment Discounts 30 % off list price




Black American Handbook for Survival thru the 21st Century:  29.00 each


The Hidden Identity of the Black American Negro
The Black American Paradigm (booklet) 6.50 each


New Items;  Tee- shirts I am America cotton tee-shirts- 20.00 each
                                            Mee ma What ever happened to the original American Indians?
                                             The black American Flag for Human Dignity


                     Posters,        18x26 The black American Flag for Human Dignity  13.00
 Bumper stickers, and ancestral statues coming soon.


Books sold          %Discount
1-10                           0%


10-20                    10%


20-50                  30%


100 and up                      50% Discount                                                                                                   


 *Plus Shipping and handling


                                            To order for Family Re-unions:


Minimum order: 300.00 total combination of products ordered


6 weeks- order time & payment in full before shipment.


                                                 Family Re-union Discounts


Number of items ordered


1-10      -       No discount


10-20     -      10% Discount


20-40     -      20%Discount


40-100   -     30%Discount


100 and up 40%Discount



Allow 6 weeks for delivery