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The People’s of America

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The Negro’s ( black) “America” who are their ancestors, where do they belong on Earth, where did their ancestors live on Earth for thousands of years??

The America Heritage tour will give the reader a introduction to the well documented historical facts about the origins of the heritage for the  Negro Population of People’s in the United States and all peoples labeled black aka Negro Peoples living in the western hemispheres as the Americas today, and give the reader factual insight about their heritage as free peoples.

The tour will introduce the wonderful culture , society. and civilization created by the people of America (free)-Negro Peoples in (freedom) that thrived for millions of years before and at the time of discovery by explores from Europe; and how the contributions from the culture to the Earth race population of America  is the foundation used to cushion the lifestyle we live today. .. The information contained on the following pages also include details and notes written about the Amerindian culture at time of discovery by European explores.

You are about to embark on a journey that will change the way you see Yourself and the People of “ black” America..