The [black] Americas’ Handbook for Survival through the 21st Century, Vol. 1


What are the ethnic origins of the American Negro? the [black] Americas’ Handbook for Survival through the 21st Century, Vol. 1  Complete and Final Answer these questions and more. The info contained in this book is what every Black American Family should know? First book published in U.S on Black American heritage in America before slavery.


Why  is it a matter of Color?

A must have book for every family in “ America”

The black “Americas” Handbook vol. 1. Complete & Finale  edition is the finished  first  edition of a series of books exposing    vital knowledge  needed to be  revealed in order for the race population labelled  black  America to have a balanced overview about  the  foundation for the United States in America.  The book exposes the core dynamics for the foundation of the United States and other colonel nation-states establishment on the soil of America.

Why  the dynamics  of institutionalized and systematic racism is against them and  how it relates to the destiny of the race of peoples as  black “America” today. This book will start to clear the confusion with facts about their true  Heritage(bloodline) home soil, its identity and  cultural roots of today’s so called black race population in the  “AMERICA’S” and give a strong foundation for understanding the reason behind   the systematic destruction of their  families , communities and culture in  the Americas by  the United States and other nation-states in the western hemisphere..

1st book published in the United States on the heritage of black “America before slavery…


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